Sunday, May 4, 2008

Free to BLOG!

It's been a LONG weekend. First after a trip to the beach with 30 kindergardeners (okay 15 in our group) We had to take a raod trip to Valdosta to see my SIL graduate(colledge)...(again) I have never BEEN to VAldosta, I HAVE NEVER been on the wrong side of a map with No DISTINCT road signs to guide me. I was the map engineer on this trip....I also left my vat of coffee on the porch after dashing through the house for an hour trying (with NO LUCK) to find the damn cell phone. DId I mention I spent THE.WHOLE. DAY.with a bunch of 5-6 yr olds at the beach? WE ended up nearing jessup before I realized gee since the MAp didn't clearly define east or west until the 3RD PAGE(west) I used my powers of FInd the road sign logic to see the 'U.S.-some# east' sign to point and say "that way?" when asked left or right. It said to go left then right immediately. I TOLD HIM TO!!! of course it ALSO made us go in a wide circle around hwy 82 JUST to get back onto......HWY 82..the same freakin road!and after an hour of wasted time we gave up and went home. With the inlaws' camcorder in our trunk. they were less than thrilled. I however enjoyed an evening of alcohol and prep -H. It kinda reminded me of Gilligans island. A three hour tour BACK to rural Georgia. Which is kinda like the lost island on there, only we don't have coconuts and great radio reception. I spent all of yesterday diging out a 4 by 5foot space for some onions and tomatoes, transplanting the roots, tubers and grass to the ginormous hole that is my driveway and rolling out paper to keep the grass from running back up in the garden when I sleep. At least I got to eat at the japanese steakhouse for supper since I was too tired to cook:)
PG is out buying laptop for himself with the rescession money, which is yeah for me. I might actually get to blog on the weekends now. though I would settle for watching him play Timeshift all weekend. That game is AWESOME!!. well okay he's back. bye for now, might blog tomorrow .
we'll see...

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