Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards Is gone

I am beyond upset, I Knew he wasn't doing great in the polls but dammit he was MY candidate. HE was inspirational, and down to earth. A real , likeable bule collar raised normal guy, with great Ideas, for the future of our country. I could see great things from him. I don't wanna vote for clinton OR obama. I am going off to throw a tantrum now. Please don't call, the phone won't be answered as I will be drinking.


What do I have to blog about? nothing. It's wet, muddy, and the animals are driving me crazy. I'm playing with my Filatura127 wool, And unfortunately amythyst does NOT match up with the deep violet of colour 44 So I am not going to be able to make the spiderweb lace sleeves I had planned. Maybe at a later date I will find some similar yarn (in a more meshing colour) to do it with. Ordinarily this would bother me a tad more but really who can stay mad with something that works up this fabulously?

Also of course when I brag about doing something in a certain time frame IT NEVER happens. I had planned to be onto my second sock by today, but as you can see, I'm not even to the toe dec. yet. But I hope to be there soon. I only made one teensy mistake in the gusset. but no one can(maybe) tell. I miss read the pattern and dec. twice on the same side but to even it up I did it on the other side too. I've put it on , it fits fine, enough strech that it is snug but not constricting. and NOT the dreaded so loose it can crawl off your foot while you're sleeping.
Here's a token picture of One of my lovely felines Puss, watching Penn and Teller B.S. with Physics Guy and I. This is her spot. On your arm On the mouse. She has a whole devoted space about a hand's breadth from it. we took the printer out JUST so she could have her own space. Where does she go? Straight to the humming laser mouse and arm. And in case you are wondering: No that Is not my arm, it's Physics Guy's. Mine is less hairy and reasonably darker.:P
At least she appreciates fine comedy and logical debate:)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday , Monday

Maybe You might think this song Is before my time. I've always loved the Oldies. This song really sums up my day today. Kiddo got to play hookey from school because she had her dental appt. the funniest thing you'll ever see is a congested kid high on Nitrous oxide. It's like a bulldog hanging out a car window. drooly, squinty and howling. SHe fortunatly Konked out halfway through the drive back. When I got home I heard terrible news about a cousin who I love dearly. She was in a car accident this morning and is in stable but critical condition. We aren't sure as of yet how bad it is, Only that she's had a bad c-spine injury and her spleen is ruptured. Please keep her in your thoughts/ prayers, I know she will appriciate it. Her Dad always took care of us kids, almost like a second father, and she is a great kid, full of love. Whatever you beliefs, keep hope for us that she will be Ok. thanks

Friday, January 25, 2008

What would you do with $800

I Can't belive I'm actually hoping something Bush preposes will Pass. But I am really hoping the tax credit thing does. I don't really know if it will help the economy, It may possibly. I just really need the money to pay dental bills and get a bit of a saving up. Most people say they hate the tax man. I love the tax man, He's like Spring time Santa. Yeah It's MY money, but I get a really fun gift in the mail. WE're going this weekend to visit his "workshop" give him our list, and a few weeks later WooHoo. The only difference is in stead of leaving it UNDER a tree, tax man Santa gives us a present written ON a tree:) Just in time for my birthday.
Along with taxes I hope to have sock #1 fininshed this weekend. WIth a few minor reductions in size and sts in the pattern I should be fininshed in time for monday afternoon pick up at school. That Is if I don't damage either the sock or my brain in the process of gusset and connecting the heel flap. Tomake sure I keep it in a fitting size I transfered to my circulars instead of the DPN's I was using. Which the pattern called for circs anyway, that's probably why. After Tax man Santa sends the money,I MAY go to knitpicks and get a few sets of dpns and circs to have on hand for sockage. I didn't want to get alot before I commited to socks because I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not. Really socks are something that you either love or hate, so I didn't want to buy the tools to have just sit around in my craft room and gather dust. I'll let you know after I finish these.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Funny Fibers

I've been knitting like mad for the last coupla days, So I thought I'd take a break and share some of my favprite knit/crochet on the web funnies the first one is a poem made by a Fellow Ravelry-er's Dad it's number 15:
A boobie pillow with link to the pattern:
And a lovely thong from cafepress:

I am rather please to know that we will be getting some new additions to our Tangled Skein Fibre group in the next few sessions. A few ladies I've met online have agreed to stop in for a few lessons, and one of my favorite Ravelers may be joining us soon with her many talents in the ways of the wool. I am allways Pumped up adn happy on thursdays becasue I know however sucky my day might be I have my blessed night amongst fellow knitters and crocheters. So far my day is going rather typically for a thursday: peeling the dust off the fans, going walkies with the dog who thinks he MUST wee on EVERY sign we pass, madly scrubbing foreign gunk from my fridge, And discovering things I never knew about things in my house.: Did you know there is a drianage pan under your fridge? Yep a little plastic pan where whatever condensation may leak out can happily drip in safety. Well, At least If you KNOW it's there and clean it properly. This is something NOT taught in home ec. or by your mother apparently. And while on the note of fridges, why the heck can't they give you just a teensy bit more lee way on the icemaker and power cord on the darn things? I haven't seen the floor under there since 3 yrs ago when I decided to clean behind it and got trapped in the tiny nook that I made. And I am NOT a big person, so this thing by normal standards is freaking impossible to get to for you average person. I would show pictures but really, that is a place no ONE would want to see. Kinda like Certain actress/singers personal bits.... scummy, hairy and possibly filled with biologial warfare-esque bacteria.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things You Don't Want to See

In your inbox, before the coffee kicks in and makes you a nice person.
Nominee for Best Joke of the year... Or is it a Joke?

A Somali arrives in Minneapolis a new immigrant to the United States.
He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says,
"Thank you Mr. American for letting me in this country, giving me
housing, food stamps, free medical care, and free education!" The
passerby says, "You are mistaken, I am Mexican." The man goes on and
encounters another passerby." Thank you for having such a beautiful
country here in America!" The person says, "I not American, I

The new arrival walks further, and the next person he
sees he stops, shakes his hand and says, "Thank you for the
wonderful America!"That person puts up his hand and says, "I am
from Middle East, I am not American!" He finally sees a nice lady and
asks, "Are you an American?" She says, "No, I am from Africa !"

Puzzled, he asks her, "Where are all the Americans?" The African lady
checks her watch and says ... "Probably at work."

Evidently I have somehow happened to be put on the racist republican mailing list.I have literally had to walk away from the computer 3 TIMES, to keep from respondig to the person who sent this. Now please Note that I am not saying ALL repubs are racist, I am not. But for Bob's sake AAGH! Every person I have met from a foregin country who has come to America has Worked thier respective Asses off,Usually 2-3 jobs to support thier families both here and abroad. Usually for minimum wage OR LESS. The people I've seen who are best described in this steaming pile of poo are the very Americans this is supposed to "support". And quite frankly , If you dont like immigrants why the blazes are you here? YOU , unless you are a direct descendant of a Native American tribe ARE IN FACT A FREAKING IMMIGRANT. SO please If you read my blog,or know me from somewhere and care to send this type of message, Please refrain from sending it My way Okies? thanks. Now I need more coffee, and maybe a zanax.P.S. This was sent to me yesterday...yeah on MLK day. Good stuff a- hole.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

politics and pedicures

WEll friends, I had almost a half a sock. I had Sally's concern of non-stretchiness covered with the resolve to buy some elasti-string to weave through post Knit. And then the thought occurred to me"Gosh this sock looks awful big for my leg". I tried it on and sure enough unless I was making thing highs there was no earthly way this sock was going to fit on my leg even with elasti-string. The recipe was one size ladies standard sock. My legs are NOT. they are small. I had to frog the whole thing and I will restart tomorrow about 20 sts. smaller. If I'm not still irritated at it. I get like that with my projects, if they make me mad I put them in time out. Pretty much just so I don't get in a hurry and mess them up worse than before I frogged them. Tonight I am working on my Yarn bee Luscious dress for spring. The basic idea is a tube dress with a tie in the back neck strap. I may form fit it on the sided around the waist. As of right now I've only gotten the strap and about 3 inches of collarbone coverage. I want my socks:(
In the mean time I am amusing myself by looking over political stuff and discussing the candidates with Physics Guy. He's a libertarian, and I am (I think) registered as DEM. Though I'm not really sure if I registered or not as last voting time I was sick and in a NyQuil fog. It's truly a miracle I remembered to vote Kerry. Well maybe not SUCH a miracle considering the other one was Bush ,and really I'd have to be pretty Effed up on more than NyQuil to vote for him. But I don't remember actually signing something saying I registered as one or another politically. Off the tangent, I think I get to vote in the primary, but I'm not really sure, I'll show up anyway. If they kick me out, Hey then I'll have something to blog about. It's odd, the county that I live in is Supposed to be predominately a democrat county, Yet everyone I seem to meet is a Rep. OI, well except for my neighbour, Ed. He's VERY liberal.:) I actually incorporate his house Into directions TO my house, and It helps people find it. How ? well lets just say He likes Signs...ALOT. I was sorta scared of Ed when I first moved in, Now I adore him and his little fuzzy puppy. He's a normal guy who is just really POed at the way the country is going, And honestly I agree with him on that. I just don't want to take it out on my front lawn. But Seriously Ed has a good Idea, peaceful protest,on your personal property, where everyone can see it everyday and think about what they mean. SO here's to you Ed. Maybe we'll see each other at the primary, and if not ,there's always Publix.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Finis Shrug

Finally I fininshed Girly's shrug.I had A bit of trouble on the seaming but I decided on a nice slip stitch and it did the job. SHe loves it. Now she's wanting a hodded scarf to match just like Mommy's. Which would require another trip to the yarn shoppe. ONt a good Idea right now since when I went to get the finishing yarn for the shrug last time I got this as well:

I am going to make me a pair ... Err TRY to make me a pair of lacy scalloped socks. It's Lily Sugar and cream 100% cotton Midnight magic that I reduced to 2 ply instead of it's bulkier 4ply. Not something I reccomend unless you have a hair tie, and the patience to stand up and untwirl all day. I wanted these socks bad enough to do it. and I will do it again after I finish these on More Lily's in Summer splash. Which is a green, yellow and blue. Why would I do this? I have never had a kick ass pair of socks, always the bland white or black ones that never matter if you lose one in the wash. Hey , you have a whole bag full more of them. Yes I want a kick ass pair of socks, ones I would not be ashamed to wear in sandals, or to take off shoes in public to show off. Socks that make you feel sexy.
Ok maybe I'm pushing it there, maybe a matching pair of panties? Those I would not show in public, but I may brag that I made them as a combo package in the right circles.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

scarves and stuff

scarves and a hat I'm trying to sell. NOW the green one IS NOT for sale, It is just showing the colourway/yarn of the scarf I am selling. I have more I just can't find my camera today for some weird reason. I think $15 for a scarf and $10 for a hat is good. I'll blog more later , I have to pay the water man:)

freaking rain already

It's been off and on cloudy for two days. Just as I think OK it's coming,alright. poof A wind comes and blows it all away. It's cold and rain would be fun. I like a good cold rain, their much better than hot sticky summer rains. You can almost pretend that its REALLY snowing when you have a good cold rain. Makes me want to go get some cocoa and hang out with friends. :( but My fav coffee spot is mysteriously closed. Weird, I may have to try back later on because I really want some raspberry white chocolate cocoa. and a chicken salad sandwich.and company. I guess I could invite people over, but then I would worry the whole time if they think my house is messy compared to theirs, not like my coffee, or the guinea pig's hay smell, or my corner spider who lives by the door where I can't reach so I just say eff it, he can eat the flying bugs that try to sneak in the door. He's a small wood spider, very friendly, harmless. I don't like to kill spiders, I usually scoop and drop. Him I would have to squoosh with the broom, and that would make me sad. I figure heck he'll probably kick it in a few days anyway, they don't live THAT long. or I'll just make PG get it, as long as he doesn't dent my ceiling again.
Oh yes on that: Last night during a particularly fun night of livingroom dodgeball, he decided to leap onto and over a stepping stool he was to lazy to put away. It was in the hallway entry. it has a door brace, it's aluminum. He's 6'1 the stool is about 1 ft tall and he only has about a poptart's length from said bracer when he's on the ground. SO with a flying leap he pummeled himself unconscious(only a second or two) and into the floor. I'm just glad he didn't break his neck, since it was directly on THE TOP of his head where he hit. Tiny goose egg for the night. Something for me to make fun of him about for until the next time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Knit shortage

I've not been doing alot of knitting today, or yesterday for that matter/ I have been playing Zelda, my most addictive game. I have it on nes for the comp., Snes for my SNES( cuz I'm old school like that), Physics guy's N64, and now Girly's DS. which is what I've been actively playing all weekend long. I love this game. I kick it's butt. Which Is a very difficult thing for me do to with a game. I am by NO definition a gamer. I get whooped at donkey Kong. I enjoy Watching OTHER people play games, I can sit for HRS. watching PG play SWAT4. But I cannot play, Except ZELDA. I get very addicted to playing it. I almost cried last night after playing for 3 hrs. straight and not saving only to have the battery die on me. I haven't even hardly been online except to check my e-mail and respond to a religious spammer who has decided by some f-ed up logic that If I don't agree with his POV I am " best case scenario, going to hell" yeeeah, I'll be the one with the killer steaks buddy, make sure you bring the A1 mkay. And to check in with ravelry friends and scope their blogs. knitswithballs had an awful xroomie who I would maim horribly if he took all MY yarn and $$. oh yes, ALL yarn. And Yarn's the word's house isn't there yet:(( dadgone mad isn't blogging about poo, and loads of other fun stuff I didn't get to read yet because...Well I had to go to the temple of courage to rescue the 3 rd fairy to get the map to figure out where the heck ZEL got off to this time. I did however get in a few rows at the dentist's office while Girly was getting her "princess crown" and found that I have to go to Brunswick and get more cotton ease yarn or else no shrug for Girly. I only do this on the MOST important projects. I just hope I don't spend too much, since we're now on the write every penny you spend down budget. A $40 tab to Micheal's wouldn't look nice to Physics Guy.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Of Beans and Skeins

There is nothing more relaxing for me than a rainy day. I can sit back and brew me a pot of coffee, knitting in hand and listen to the water fall off my roof. No I don't have gutters, they didn't come with the house, and so through lack of fundage we don't have any. I like this becasue in the areas where the roof meets and folds down the water pools and pours down making a waterfall and small pool for my frogs in the spring. I love frogs, they come in so many fun shades and shapes, plus the whole bug eating quality. There's a waterfall by Girly's window so when she wakes up (usually around noon) on a rainy week-end afternoon we can sit in her floor and play ponies and pretend we live on an exotic island with a magical waterfall. there's another one by my SPOT in the living room and when I sit there the sound makes the knit/coffee meditation complete nirvana. One thing I can't quite figure out is how to properly brew coffee, I usually make a 6 c pot, with 2 1/2 T of coffee, but I change brands alot so I don't get bored, and I've noticed through this one coffee's T is another coffee's HOLY COW too much. SO I usually guesstimate by smell light smell= more grounds. on most occasions this works for me, but not Always.
Today this theory proved wrong, so I've done alot more on my knitting than usual. WHich I guess is Good since I had to frog the whole bloddy thing I was doing and re cast more stitches on thursday. I now have 65 sts CO and about an arm's length up to almost shoulder on Girly's shrug. I may take a break for the rest of the weekend on it so I can deep clean and muck the guinea cages. something that takes all day to do:(P I think the girly-pigs like my knitting too, they chitter when I clack the needles and watch me with thier little sideways looks. if I'm knitting something long like a scarf or a blanket for the barbies they will sneak up to the edge of their cages and smell it or climb up the side to take a closer peek. so far they don't eat the yarn, something I can't say for certain naughty kitties who like to stalk up and chew the yarn as it's being pulled to the project.I have been in the process of knitting something only to wrp my next stitch and come up holding a slobbery chewed off end. Meanwhile Miss Oreo there is sleeping on the skein with the OTHER chewed end snuggled between her paws at my feet.Ahh well now I'm off for more Java. YEs it's 11pm sue me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Utterly vile advertising

To think these things were actually ads back in the day make me want to vomit though the Camel ad was kinda funny, the thought of using a prepubescent girl to sell sex/perfume makes me incredibly pissed. I would photo link but honestly I don't want it on my page. It's not as crazy these days but still less is not absence. women are used as sexual objects to sell everything from cologne to sodas, placing younger lolita-esque women in ads with men old enough to be thier grandfathers in penis pill ads. Even ones designed FOR women are sometimes anti woman, making it seem unnatural or ugly to have a period, go natural without makeup, or heavens forbid have body hair in thier nether regions. Yet we tolerate yes EVEN BELIVE IT. Women in size -2's telling us we can be thin just like them and not be so fat and ugly, because "of course bigger than -2 = ugly" we know it's BS yet we still are expected to strive to BE like them. People use kids to advertise things that have nothing to do with them. ads for cleaning products, and scrubber mitts on kids TV channels. the Hey kids tell your mom and dad advertising, I mean really why else put ads for e-z-screwdrivers on x-toons channel? Like my 5 yr old is going to go unscrew a lightbulb, much less her own bed. I'm so sick of all the BS advertising used. If the product ACTUALLY makes you feel good, and be healthy, or is a great product let it speak for itsself. If it is'nt, then get of YOUR corporate executive asses and make it better.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to school day

I love back to school. Love Love LOVE IT. DOn't get me wrong I Adore Girly, and the wonderful times we have mud bathing, and chip munching, and vegging out to shrek 1-3 binges. BUT I don't do any housework, other than neccesary undie washing and dishes required for meals. Now that she's back in school I have the time to scrub and fold and make the place look decent agian. I suppose I could manage to do these things while she's on vacation, but really you only live once and what memories would I rather have her remember? Mommy scrubbing dishes or her and I slinging pats of mud at each other in the yard and all around enjoying each-other's company? The house and the work involved will always be here, don't I know it, but one day sooner than I realize she will be all grown up and off on her own. Then I can wash the entire house in to my hearts content.... I better buy shares in soap before then to make my money back:P The only problem with back to school day one is I am so lonely and the house is so quiet that first day. The shock of no squealing and leaping over kitties is like a vacuum, pulling all other sounds into it making it seem even MORE quiet than it already is. Usually I play music really loud to drown out the noise of no noise. Today I just crashed out, trying to get over the never ending sick I've been fighting since before Christmas. with the TV on. Knitting night was Awesome, as usual. we had a nice teacher who played the guitar for us while we knit, and crocheted. Sadly and lastly though, I must pay my respects to my dear Judith's late kitty. He lived a full and wonderfull 19 yrs with a charmingly sweet lady. He will wait at the rainbow bridge for her with all the wonderful other animals we love, and who willingly and wholly love us in return.
Cherish each day you have with those you love, furry or no, our time here is short so make the best of it and share it with the ones dearest to your hearts.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Playing With Yarn

I've been playing with a few different stitches, trying to find a happy lacy pattern for a scarf or wrap. This one is R1:(k2tog, YO, K1 ) R2 (purl2tog, YO, P1)and rep two rows.(or if you're a two handed knitter like me just REP the R1 on the left hand) I like that it has these little rosette type stitches where the "2TOG's" are and that it looks ribbed, but it is a little bland. Cute, but bland.If the yarn wasn't so shiny, You could see it better. So anyone who reads this and knows how to take a non shiny Picture I'm all ears.
This is my personal way of YO and also How I cast on, and chain stitch, I like how it's tight, and symmetrical. I know some people just wrap the yarn over the hook/needle, and if that works for you OK. I don't like how it tends to fall off or become loose so I cross it over my finger.

More tomorrow on what I've added to this in a different stitch pattern. I've got the basic Idea of this one, so I'm moving on to find my happy stitch.

This(below) Is going to be Girly's shrug, a variation of a pattern my Good friend Sally found. It's the inspiration to my playing with the blue yarn above. After frogging The Pinkness like 4 times, I stuck with this one and moved my playing onto the blue( Caron's simply soft if you care to know). It definitely doesn't hold together like wool or acrylic, and I tend to have to re-wind it. On the up side it is soft and works nicely with the Paton's Poodle stuff on the cuff, and it is'nt nearly as heavy as I thought it would be.
CO 35 in A (bulky)knit every row x4
R5:knit 1R in B (worstest)

R6: (K2tog, YO, K1)

B7: P Across (or K across for 2 hand knitters)

rep 6-7 until B covers wrist to wrist

Change to A and K4 Rows BO.

This works for toddler kids of average weight, add or DEC by2 sts for less confusion in smaller or larger kids. I would have prefered a few more sts on Girly's, but this will be more of an over tank than over a sweater type thing. So if you're going for a shrug over a sweater I suggest adding more STS. Adult size recommended CO: 81 sts (or any odd number that is closest to your gauge: I'm using worstest ) Sally's shrug Is in an even # pattern so she uses 80 STS. so I went up a st. instead of down as bigger is always better than smaller when unsure:) As I so erroneously learned on SIL's sweater this passed Christmas. OI!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

thermerasol/autism and kittehs states their new findings on the theory of vaccines and autism. That quote"Autism: Removing Thimerasol From Vaccines Did Not Reduce Autism Cases In California" I as a parent who vaccinated my child am relived that there is not infact a link. At the same, I am a bit saddened for parents of autistic children that this wasn't the fix. At least then we'd know what to keep away from our kids. I wish and hope that we can find the reasons behind autism soon.

On A lighter note: last night I was relaxing with Physics Guy and the critters, when he decided he wanted to play with the kitties. Now I Have a bag (hand made of course) of yarn at all times set up on my spot on the couch, just hanging out with yarns spilling out of it. PG is standing OVER said bag, playing slaps with the kitties getting clawed senseless when he turns to me and asks" hon, do we have any string around ?" No Dear, Nope, No string, not a thread in the whole house, why I don't know HOW things get knitted up around here, or darned or rebuttoned. I looked at him and just pointed to the obvious BAG of yarn just sprawled out in front of him. "take your pick". and naturally being male he grabs the skein with half a slipper sole attached. But at least he grabbed the part with the hook and dangled the other end for the kitties to chase. Physics Guy and cats is a weird thing. He doesn't hate cats, he just doesn't really Like them around once they're out of the cuddly kitten phase. I on the other hand have Never been without a cat in my entire life. once we got married and moved my kitty in he has adapted to living with a kitty who : Has OCD human licking issues,will slap desired food out of your fork, mouth or bowl if you don't share, steals the pillow, covers AND the sacred middle of the bed, and will pay you back for the laundry crime of leaving clothes in the floor by weeing on them. Oh yes, after her, gaining a stray picked up by our girly was a cakewalk. Puss(poos) actually thinks she is a Dog, she prefers the amours of doggy to even the gentlest of kitty groomings. She has also picked up guinea pig herding talents from our GSD and will snuggle and groom them after the herding game is over(which they love, please don't PETA me). So after adapting to these two, PG is becoming more of a cat person, though He still "prefers a nice big dog any day"And I am warming up to dogs.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Please Ma'am don't roll in our yarn!

Oh if only I could find a LYS who would let me sample their yarns, play with it, Knit a few rows, see how it pads up to my tastes before purchase. Instead I go to the place, am overwhelmed with colour and texture and go on a squeezing face rubbing frenzy making the other shoppers stare in puzzlement "what is this crazy doing?" You see I have a VERY picky kid, who will only wear certain textures of clothing, and If it's just the least itchy in store I won't buy it, and move on to the not itchy stuff, only to find that once I get it home on my needles its firm and coarse, beh.

I am A beginning knitter, and as such I am only JUST learning merino, alpaca, baby alpaca, goat and bunny, 1st cut, 2nd cut, 3rd cut quality and the weight to yards to how long once I actually knit it type stuff. SO I go and but a pound of alpaca( 3rd) and it looks all yummy and light only to find once I knit it up and get it on I have hairs flying off up my nose, and it's hotter than A night at the playboy mansion. the differing qualities of synthetic is also a puzzle, I can buy a solid colour and a multi of the same brand only to find the solid is feather soft and the multi(which of course I bought for kiddo) is as coarse as a metal soap pad. SO now i have a nice plum pudding hat shaped pot-scrubber:) Oh yes the perils involved with newbie knitting. Though I have found I am extremely fast at my new hobby I can knit up a good sized scarf in two days:) and crochet one in one day or two nights of TV watching with the Physics Guy(hubbs). I think things are going good, I dream about knitting things, which is a bit odd and a letdown to wake up and realize I did not in fact knit my DREAM Sweater. I also have set up a local fiber group we are a meager pack, but a fun one. naturally we're set up in a local coffee house because coffee and knitters go together like well, worsted and a set of 5.5's. we've had a few beginners who come and try only to never return , our regulars and even once a real MAN-Who-knits! which I love and authenticity's us as a real fiber group.

Other than my knitting I am also a SAHM, I have a five yr old girly, and one Chilean Rose tarantula, One German shepherd Dog, two cats and 6<4> Guinea pigs. oh yes, so please save the SAHM is not a job for someone who doesn't have to feed 12 people on a daily basis plus 1 monthly week of feeding for Lachesis(tar) Not to mention the cleaning up after said creatures. I may also let you in on the joys of my attempted gardening once spring rolls around in a few weeks(gotta love Georgia). I have a meager plot, but at the very least I well have enough greens and pears to make you never want to see them again, much less eat them once the season is gone. Since this is my first actual blog I will leave it at this. I don't want it to be too long and bore you. Here's a little bit of my work So far