Friday, May 16, 2008

Hurrah California

G/L marraige is legal again ( for Cali residents). One hopes it sticks this time. It absolutly boggles to think that changing the terminology to "domestic partnership " soothes the minds of the rightwing traditionalists. I never did get that. call it what it is. And finally THey are! I mean really lets be honest the only thing "disrupting traditional marraige" is the nonsense the involved parties of each marraige do to end it, be it cheating, abuse, not hanging the laundry up, whatever. Someone elses marraige has jack to do with how your own turns out.

i'm Tired, sick and tired actually.

Of what? Well Of homosexuality being compared to beastiality, and pediphilia and then 'justified by disscribing them all as"carnal sins" or murder as A "sin in general".
I'm sick of intolerant bigotry being disguised as "faith". I'm tired of A Book's words being twisted and distorted to fit a sick selfrighteous agenda. I'm sick of feeling sad, and appaled by the constant flow of ignorance, when there are books and sites of a nonpolitical/religious stance where you can learn things. I'm tired of being hyjacked by "you're bad, but not really, but youreallyare, but im gunna word it so it looks like im not saying it, but you are, but I'm not judgeing ."types. I'm not speaking of any one in particular, just that I can't take it any more. It's one thing to debate theology, and quite another to be a bigot. righteous or not. the KKK thought THEY were righteous in thier G-D's Eyes, so did hitler, and the guys in the holy wars. Doesn't make it so. But alas HIndsight is always 20-20. And it doesn't stop the bashings,suicides, and killings that are happening now. Even if you may not DO them , or publicly"condone" them you're contributing to the hate if you pirvatly condone. and you may as well be right in there with the bad guys kicking and spitting on that little 15 yr old gay boy or girl. or burning that cross in the bi racial family's yard. or throwing that wiccan family out of thier neighbourhood. Bigotry is a frame of mind, Acting on it may well be what gets you thrown in JAil, but the hate is the same hate and it disgusts me. may not be black/white, but it's the same hate.
SO let the G/L communities have marriage and divorce if they want it. it isn't stopping you from having your own. If you have problems see a counselor, don't hate on people who are happy in their marriages.
This counrty is far ahead in so many things, and yet at the same time so very far behind. be it national health care, GLBT rights, or sanity in general, it's nice to see a bit of global intellegence streaming over to our country, one day (soon I hope) it'll trickle on down to the rest of us and more people will be able to openly show their true feelings without being afraid of attack or isolation. But for now YEA CALIFORNIA!!

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