Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today is a very boring typical day, not much going on. Dishes, and vaccuming yuck. So instead I will tell you about my Monday.
Yesterday Girly got an award of some sort at school. Not really sure FOR what, but she got one of those obscure awards the schools give out with wonky names. She's "tigerific" whatever that is. Even She has no clue what it means, but she's durn proud of it. After the awards and a pot of joe, and a rather large can of soda I had to well...GO. So of course I went to the ONE stall that had the broken lock, I figured I could jimmy it closed and back open. The closing of said lock worked, However the OPENING of it required a rather large chunk of my forefinger to be ripped open evidenly. But much to my credit I did not cuss like a raving loon. Which Is good, because I was in an elementary school bathroom with about 20 odd Snowflakes whose parents would probably have shit if they had been exposed to foul language. The nurse gave me a lovely bandaid and I got back in time for the spirit stick thing, where if you don't have elementary kids is where each class in turn screams bloody murder to see who has more "school spirit". I want to know who pays for the hearing aids. The school system is funny here, they say under GOD, sing religious based stuff, yet at the pep rallys play " goodies," that stupid"bananas" song by gwen stephani and some hip hop stuff that I feel naughty for playing in the vicinity of small ones. I swear I was expecting "shake ya ass" or "the thong song"(which they DID play at PG's high school dances)to come on at any moment. Makes me giggle every time. But at least it did make me feel a bit less uncomfortable at the thought of my last encounter with the principal in publix with me holding a case of beer, and two bottles of wine...on a monday, wearing sweat pants. I swear that guy looks like an older DR. Drew from loveline, but he SOUNDS like DR. Phil.
But onward PG grilled so I have a mssive amount of dishes to do, since washing them is not part of grilling, basically all that is is slapping the stuff on the grill and turning it periodically. my job is prep, and clean up. woohoo.

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