Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not a weekend blog (Or) GET OFF MY LAWN

I usually don't blog on the weekends, but I have nothing else to do so why not. Actually I do but still. I did finish Para-pro's scarf in it's ribboned glory, with great efforts made to have minimal twisting in the ribbon. I planted the raspberry twigs Sally so graciously gave me Friday. Three near my garden on the back fence and one near Girly's window with some plastic lattice I've had for centuries quite a while. The other two are still in the pot since I have enormous amounts of de-rooting to do where I am going to kill plant them. In the meantime I have been whacking away at my negligent neighbour's trees. Yes, a neighbour more negligent than me, please hold the applause. This guy bought the land for some unknown reason, COMPLETELY fenced it off and lets it run wild and hairy into and over MY yard. It was atop my house as well until I threatened lawsuits if his shit fell on my house and killed my child during an (inevitable )hurricane. He promptly called the tree service people. But to the now: there's a row along the fenceline of gangly shit trees( gum) and oak( terribly allergic, complete with nosebleeds) draping themselves over the fence and into my garden, life and the general vicinity of my vehicles. SOOO I am clipping and sometimes jig sawing the little buggers down. Mostly just the offending branches...mostly. Being as I am short and all, my tree trimming accessories are: an old pool ladder, hand saw, pruner's shears, and a dog leash. Basically I tie the leash to the offending branch, pin it to the fence with the other end and hack away until the non trespassing limb goes bouncing back to it's own side. I need a hatchet... or maybe a high powered long armed chainsaw.MMMmmm Oh and I'm usually standing on the pool ladder at the time of this process.
I have gone a bit crazy in the heat and planted ALOT of greens near my back porch, in the side yard and More in the garden. I spent much time over the weekend yelling a the dog/kids/hubby to "get out of the seedlings!" Hubby STEPPED IN MY BED. WTF!?
his reasoning" What, there's nothing there? I stepped inbetween the tomatoes. " Yeah right on top of thier roots. With your size 12 clods. Bonehead. The tomatoes despite thier rootsmashing, are looking better since I dashed a bit of lime in the soil. Evidently COMPLETE veg. potting soil is'nt as complete as they say. , I have cantalope sprigs coming up in the garden and in the pear tree dirt, along with the caladiums that I gave up on. I figured the dirt is so good and wormy under there I had to grow SOMETHING and since the caladiums werent growing I'd plant the cantalopes there. as soon as I plannted them I noticed little dog claws poing up out of the dirt. Having had bulbs before I knew(and the location helped) these were the forgotten Calads. We shall see who lives and who dies once they get going. Now I just have to WAIT. ugh

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