Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Mothers day booty, from a hubby who doesn't shop yarn:

Susan Bates 7 and 10 inch Double Point Needles 4 7in. double point
Plymouth Encore Sock DK 7518 skein 1
Plymouth Encore Sock DK 7521 skein 1
Plymouth Sockotta 617 ball 1
From of course :WEBS
The Only yarn store the Goddess frequents.
Hubby Got too confused looking at all the yarny goodness ANd so told me to pick what I wanted. Being budget conscious I desperately pried my eyes away from the fabulous

SHibui sock
and Plymoth happy feet
That's a bit over my current limit., Plus two pair as apposed to 4 AND needles, nuhuh. 'SPecially after going to Bonsai for supper with the Whole family. All in all A good mother's day.

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