Saturday, May 10, 2008

One never Knows

YOu never know what you'll find at the beach. Girly and I went this morning as our own Mothers Day. Since we are spending Mothers day proper with PG's Mom. WE got up about 745 and got there by 8am. We even had a nice giggle at the expense of another driver on the way. You see I know ,being as I am friends with Many a police officer, That out of towners should NOT go over the speed limit. I was going my alloted 55mph and the person behind me figured HE would pass me and go about 90MPH....with a local PO about 100yrds up. The officer pulled out to get him as I was coming up to him. GIrly " GET 'EM! Get 'Em!!" hee hee. Once we got there we had a great time as there weren't many people there at all. about 10ish other people stared to flow in. One group of ladies had a camcorder and were sitting in front of me. when their bags got caught in the tide I chatted them up. Turns out the youngest was a knitter too and was admiring "the bikini from hell" wondering if I too was a knitter:)And as we were discussing what the best fibre to take on a beach excursion was"cotton versus fuzzy mohair, and sock weight over worsted or larger" Girly ran up and calmy told me she had squeezed something squishy in the water and now her thumb was burning. Good thing the teen lifeguards were there. They had some vinagar in a spritzer bottle to save the day. Girly was so disgusted with"that naughty jelly" that Our yarny conversation was cut short and Girly and I went onward to the farmers market off 8th street( only open on Saturdays from 9-2 pm FYI). We sampled fresh organic cheeses, and breads, etc. There was a man selling organic coffee beans, and a bunch of local produce, and flowers, We spent $30 on some dried bananas, blueberries,fresh crab cakes and surprisingly Girly who TOTALLY HATES olives Asked to buy a jar of organic olive/pimento/herb& anchovy dip that she LOVED. The guy gave her a sample, I figured the poor guy was about to get the worst review ever but she was all"Oh. MY. GOD. Mommy that is the best stuff EVER!" You really never know. So then we came home to have a nice picnic in the floor, and a LOONG nap.

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sally said...

Happy Mother's Day Bekah :)