Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm sorry, is this ELM street?

DUDE, I just met my new neighbour. I think possibly He might be a wee bit nutters. Possibly. I was minding my business walking doggo and he calls out hey my name is "blah blah something" ( I really have no clue I lost it about 2.5 minuets later, You'll see why)He was a bit twitchy, but then again so am I, so eh whatev. So we're chatting about the house, the gawd awful termites he found heavily imbedded in it. and Doggo is severly snuffling him.I give the back off command yet the snuffling continues( I figure 8ish in thew morning, the guy probably (a) has a dog at home in heat or (B) had a really tasty breakfast...For about five seconds "Oh , sorry about the pants I um got in an 'Altercation' last night." I look a bit more deeply at what I thought was alot of brown paint from painting the house But nyet, It was Blood. OMG I live A bishop's move from freddie! Which incedentally is right behind my monitor, so I'm sneaking little glances back there now looking for suspicious carpet rolls. I mean I little guts OK. Guys fight, they get wasted at the pub and fight, but crapola someone needs a transfusion.
MAybe I'm a tad overreacting. MAybe he likes a good pub brawl. Or maybe I'll just keep over here and keep a look out for stripey sweaters and funny smells. But then again those could BOTH be coming from My house...

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