Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knit night

Taro's is not going to be open for our usual knit night, as the owner is going out of town. Any ideas on another location (if we still want to have it) are welcome. so far we have: The sweetest thing, or we could just go out to somewhere and eat or, we could do an early one@ four clock, whatever. I would say at my house, but I've had weird heart problems today and have been to freaked and don't want to speed clean when It's acting funny and rupture something. I am not having pains just like a heavy beat where it takes my breath every few beats. I'm at 120/60 sec. which is not BAd , actually more in the normal range, but Higher than my average which is low. I took some asprin and A nap, but I'm still a bit jitery. I think it's because I'd been going and going all morning until about 3 and then a nice lull where I could sit around confused it a little. but then I also am not a DR. the only other different thing I did today was : dye my hair. I WAS SUPPOSED TO have dyed it back my natural color, but as I found out later from another parent/hair dresser/ MAN. I was only supposed to leave BROWN on for 10 minutes not the 25 I usually go for with the red. so now I am uber goth. Which it's kinda growing on me after the surprise of the darkness wore off. I def. feel the purple highights I'm thinking about could only complement this look, though the flash does pick up the red highlights alot

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