Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pictures of stuff

Here are the aforementioned pictures of my top, with the scalloped/shell add ons. It's still a tad too stretchy but I guess that's what happens.
And for your viewing pleasure: a subtle kitten chomp on a leg. He's so cute, but Vicious!

A Bit of a more friendly Look here:

I know my Garden looks a bit ghetto with the bricks and torn garden paper, but I'm still working on It aesthetically. Frankly I just don't want the stuff to DIE. Making it pretty doesn't do much good until you're sure that you don't just have a giant sandbox. Making it pretty is my task for the day.(then it'll probably die on me) I'm going to show pictures of it once I get it decent, for now here's a picture of my Avocado tree and his little minty friends in their shared pot. Yea he's gunna need a new one soon!

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