Saturday, March 29, 2008

Working on the Yard

I don't know what happened to my unfortunate bag of sugar as is traveled it's way to my kitchen. somewhere between here and the factory it must have gotten doused whith ( I can only hope) alot of water. I just about need a sifter cement pounder to break it up. Normally I would have noticed these things and avoided the bag 'o funk, but really in a 9am no-coffee-in my-system sugar run, shit happens. After a smell test, precautionary lick test complete with flashes from "Steve don't eat it" and a dog check (hey if he licks it its OK to eat) I am fairly sure it's just had a run in with water.
I have researched my caladiums and found that I don't get to plant them until May, which sucks because of course by may I won't know where the bag went to and I will more than likely have calads running wild in my heating closet. I do have alot more of Girly's pansy seeds I may plant in the meantime in the area for them so It doesn't look so terribly bare. I'm sure my neighbours will appreiciate that my yard doesn't so much look like a hippy armpit any more. Every one else here keeps their yards impeccable in the winter months. I however like to let it rest. My laziness has resulted in the sweetest black dirt in the back yard, but not somuch in the front. but hey It's got growth now at least. when I moved here 4 1/2 yrs ago there was nothing but mud and sand. 4 years of not rakeing the leaves, and chucking pears for the dog finally paid off.
after a bout of raking some branches up that fell out of the paer tree and some I whacked off the bushes of mystery I figured I'd take a nice break and listen to some music. It would have been nice. If PG hadn't misplaced my flipper switch. Over the winter I complained that I kept getting shocked every time I got out of the car.I guess I thought he'd FIX it. Instead He found that the amp wire was arching off the door and that was what kept zapping me. His answer was to ripp the durn flipper out, thereby keeping it from arcing off the door, but also keeping ME from cranking the tunes to deafiningly loud levels. Now I have my wired up sub, and no flipper to turn it on with. poop.
SO now instead I am killing time until the crafters get-together @ 2pm at the library. I should be going to a baby shower that I made booties for. But PG is barfy and I don't want to be too far from him incase he needs something. And unless there is yarn, coffee, or some other shiny important thing I don't drive farther than 20 minutes away alone. I get REALLY bored, and start to nod off. I have tried K-while driving twice on these sort of trips out of desparation to keep moving. tip: loop your hands through the steering wheel and put the yarn around the back so as not to get tangled up and so you can still steer. Naturally you can't CABLE or make anything fancy or you defeat the purpose of NOT killing anyone. If you can do it with out looking, it'l work. Wait why am I telling this? really don't knit and drive. it's not safe. which Is why I don't do it anymore. But I Have tried it, for the learning experince. One should always try new things. It inhances the mind right?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tales of Yarn

It's been a week of yarny goodness. My birthday on monday with my friends and cake and a kick butt stash bag from Sally. Then making booties for another friend's baby on Tuesday, Wednesday Girly and I went to a great antiques(and not so antique) shop and I got some tapestry yarn to make a rug with for girly's room, it's great for felting because it's 100% virgin wool. Then thursday Sal Girly and I went to the island to scope an LYS when was wonderfull. First we fortunatly lucked up and went the wrong direction and stumbled onto thier NEW location which was NOT on the map I googled. they weren't open yet so we had a blast at the ACE garden centre looking at the flowers and getting some agnes bushes for Sally's yard and I got some low lying plants to go around the bottom of my pear tree. Where the soil is like heaven. probably the only spot in my yard I can say that about. We also got some Ivy and pansies for Girly to plant. Didn't want to leave, but the prospect of a juicy yarn store was too much to pass up.Girly took some pictures of her favorites:
They had CHEERY TREE HILL for pete's sake, and gobs of Noro Today I got my reciept from WEBS and a handy litle tracker from UPS so I can see where my yarn is. I should be getting it Either tomorrow or monday. Monday would be good for me, PG won't be home, and the Kntting posse will be here for monday morning Knit in, since Sally's house will be sleep central and we don't want to disturb anyone. oh yes, there will be much cleaning and raking here over the weekend. I was out back doing the weeding and prep for the caladium bulbs...Those in the Picture BTW are NOT mine, they are off the holland bulbs site. (the brand I got) I can only hope mine turn out that well.
ANd I pissed off some little blackish creature I think It was a salamander, but when large shiny things run at me I kinda glaze over and run screaming. I poked around back there but I coudn't find it again so I ran the weed eater for a bit around the general area to make SURE I scared him off. I don't think he'll be back for a while. Now I am off to check that I am palnting the bulbs correctly, I will take some pictures ...If they don't die.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yarn addict

I told my husband he was a spammbaiter addict last night....Ironically with a sock in my hands, a cable needle in my mouth, and two bags filled with yarn spilling out around me. Oh yes, I did. " Are you sure you want to talk to ME about addiction?" he incredulously asked doing the little finger swirly around my general area. "maybe not so much" But of course he let me win since it WAS: my birthday:DI don't think I would have won had he seen my purchase today from WEBS.. What, I got $80 ish for my birthday in cheque, Why not spen it on yarn and stuff....Okay MOSTLY yarn, but I did get some circs and a cable needle too. I usually can only dream of WEBS closeouts, today that dream is MINE!!in these and other fabulous colours

I got a cone of laceweight to make some nice summer projects And later paint, and some tweed sock yarn too, Sadly they were out of the really great navy blue, which is a favourite colour of mine, so I got a white flecked one that wil suit my cableing better.
Do you drop the (e) in cableing or not? I never know. English was always my better class so I'll go with the (e) for now. I know by my typing you can't really TELL I'm good with english, But really I am, my hand eye stuff just isn't that great, and I have a tendency to have typing dyslexia I've noticed.
I think though that I will always have my add/random thought screaming to get out problem though. such as above. Back to the yarn, Ah yes. I have come to accept that I will more than likely have at some point over the summer a hot sticky woollen project on my lap. Mainly because I love the feel of wool. I love the light scratchyness, the fluffy, and the just overall feel of the stuff. I don't think I can go a whole summer with out SOMETHING woolen. But I'm trying to save up all my non wool to use for the summer. Bob knows I won't have my socks done by then.

And to end, A nice Quote from Sojourner Truth: If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back , and get it right side up again!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

summer projects

I've been trying to find some light summer projects to do once the heat wave rolls around in about oh.. 2 months from now. I've been saving up my silk for then so I'll have something not so hot on my lap. I'll probably be doing some lace work too then. Which I hate because of the tiny stitches. But the end result is trully worth it. I haven't done any yet, so it will definitly be a learning experince for me. I sould be in bed right now but I slept for about 3 hrs this afternoon and now sleep is impossible. Plus my throat and ears hurt from the pollen. We FInally got our taxes done, so in two weeks I will be less stressed and maybe feeling better. having the money to pay the bills AND get groceries and gas( at $3.20 pg)in my military tank of a car, somehow makes me not as snippy and short. I've noticed that my stress levels and yuckyness somehow magically come together at the same time... how can this be...
I also finally got Girly to watch Princess Bride with me. I've been trying for 5 yrs now. She chased everyone around yelling "Humperdink" for about 30 minutes. Ah yes, finally sucess. Did anyone else notice the cool knit outfit of the miracle man's wife? eccentric yes, but you could definitly make some adjustments to turn it into a wrap... Princess Bride is a sort of rite of passage, much like every boy simply MUST jump off a roof at least once before adulthood( often and usually more than once)Yes it's cheesy, And a bit odd, but it's got something special there. Something movies don't have much of anymore these days. Not to mention the kick ass wardrobe. I never realized just HOW much my dog looked like a ROUS. especially now that he has patchy bald places. But yes I realized the time had come for both she and I to watch PB (for me , agian) when a friend was making references and despite the familiarity niggling at the back of my brain, I could not for the life of me remember WHERE i knew it from. Shameless I know, forgive me. And so For my Dear daughter's sake , and to keep my own life's saftey from the knitting needles of a good friend, We stayed up until 10 pm and had tea and The Princess Bride. I may try and find A nice bit of black cloth to make Physics Guy a mask and cape for fun....He DOES look alot like Wesley.....

Friday, March 21, 2008

It isn't easter ham But...

I've been looking up some new recipies to add to my meal planning. I am a bit uneasy about some of the thai ones, Fish sauce doesn't sound all that yum, It brings on memories of catfish gutting and the goop you pullout. Never the less I bought some to make a sea food stew called Yose nabe in hopes that it doesn't tasste like the fish and sour feet that comes to mind when thinking of fish sauce. If when I open it it smells too terrible I will revert to a nice safe gumbo instead. I have to omit the mushrooms already since PG is horribly allergic and ends up itchy and vomiting like the girl on Exorcist. It's not a pretty sight. I'm also going to try a nice greek dish which looks really yummy. And more to the standard eating habits of my family. Prawns, rice and tomatoes are always big here. throw them together it's gotta go over well.
In knitting news I have most done on my cape, leaving only one side of the front and some possible adjustments to the hood before the bordering.
It's going to be a basic diamond cable. And of course blocking the durn thing so it doesn't curl anymore. I may have to crochet a few places on the underside to STILL keep it from curling because even though I moss stitched the first inch it wants to curl once I get past the moss. I haven't gotten much done on the socks I have on the needles Either. really I've been so tired the past few days I'm surprised anything is done at all.I will be gratefull for this 3 day weekend so I can get some rest. 5:30 am to 11-ish Pm is not a very restfull thing, especially given that from the time I get up to about 2 1/2 hrs after I am rnning around getting people dressed and off to their business and out for a walk with the dog.
Girly is STILL awake because her tooth hurts. I don't know why, the dentist was supposed to have de rooted it and capped it, yet it still freaking hurts two months later. She's driving my mad in there screaming like I ripped off an arm. of course it doens't bother her during the week. Must yell at dentist first thing monday morning....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Physics Guy crashed the vid. card last night playing Splinter Cell. I never realized just how much of a difference this hd monitor made until the card went out. everything looks weird and strechy. And flat. It's kinda like life. the whole you don't know what you've got thing. I never knew what a real tight knit family was like. The sharing, the openness, the calls every few days, just to say hi and make sure everyone was in good health. The first couple of years with my husbands family were foreign to me. I didn't understand why these pepolpe called "all the time for no reason" now I miss it when they don't call for a few days. I am very close with his mum. Closer than with my own, I feel like anything I am going through I can share with her. My own family doesn't call very much, even the ones in the states. I never knew that a knock down drag out fight doesn't mean ending contact forever with that person as it typically does with my family. I still find it strange that if you need something a family member will help you get it. be it a night off from the kids, or help with a morgage payment. Family is SUPPOSED to be close, like a part of your heart not living with your body. People who know birthdays, heartaches and are there to share them with you. I am very grateful for my new family, if it were'nt for them, I don't think I could cope with the one I was born to.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Exactly is This Patrick guy?

And why does he like us to get boozy and sing ballads of Ireland?
Well actually he doesn't. He's not even Irish. Nope. Really no one knows where the heck he's from. There's a plethora of guesses, but the closest one to Ireland Fair is Scotland. He was a slave in Ireland, and went to Rome and other such places. Then he decided to go convert those "horrid druids" in Ireland. I.E. God called him to save the Irish. Basically led a bunch of soldiers into Ireland preaching to them,and killed the ones who didn't convert. (the soldeirs not him personally) Basicaly pissing alot of people off. He seems to from his history to be a nice enough guy for the most part, albeit misguided and uneducated. And we all know what happens when those things come into play eh George? It looks to me like alot of the history on this subject has been lost and glossed by the CC, so we really don't know alot about St. Patty other than the myths and legends. The whole shamrock thing is pertaining to Pat trying to convert the "heathenous irish" but they were to simple to grasp the concept(more likely they didn't give an R.A.and so played dumb, And being half irish not to mention married to a full blooded one, I can say with certainty we like to pull the stupid card to get outta stuff ...alot) so he used the shamrock as an example of the xain trinity, so they could understand. Then the whiskey soaked minds sopped it up. Wearing green or getting pinched? well this one Actually pertains to Ireland. Ireland is called the Emerald Isle, so of course, we wear green to remember Ireland, and you get a pinch to not forget your roots. There you have it, old St.P is not irish, and the only thing the guy has to do with Ireland is having a part in the bloody hostile takeover of a peaceful country. And if you've ever read irish history and tales, you know how vile that turned out. AS it usually does with the rape and looting and torture, you know all those Good moral values. So I guess we get liquored up to forget all the shit him and his buddies did. That a good enough reason for me. I can't help but see that durn near all the holidays are of a religious nature, catholic predominatly. Shit. If I actualy was a more bitchy person I'd only celebrate Presidents day, Mlk day, and new years, and maybe thanksgiving, since at that time the Native americans and the forigners were friends, and the whole religious freedom thing, thankfull for being alive etc.. Fortunatly, I realize every freaking thing and holiday is so shit stuffed and comercialized, I could celebrate damn near anything I want, and I'm not going against my lack of religion and being hypocritical. Almost everything was stolen, poached or filled of B.S. from the start anyway. I'm not an angry Athiest, like the stereotype goes, maybe once I get older I may get more pissy, but now a reason to party and scream loudly at strangers that you're Irish is Ok with me.
I see Alot of atheists who don't celebrate anything at all because of some religious connotations attached. I disagree. Why limit yourself and the things you choose to do because of someone elses beliefs? That, my friends is just the same as having a religion and letting it dictate for you. If you like to decorate, and like presents(or beer) and you want to celebrate and throw a party for your own reason then do it. If you're Irish( or not) and you love the culture and country, Celebrate it. BAsically my eternal motto: Be YOU, Be happy, be real. No need to give yourself a head enema about it.
I do reccomend being knowledgeable about the whos and whats of things. If nothing else for the education factor. One can never have too much knowledge, or as Yarn harlot says: too much yarn. DO with your knowledge what you will. It's your life, and the only one you get. BE wise in your choices....and have a pint!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun Fur

So here I am today looking at sock yarn porn.
I'm also doing Guinea Pig laundry, but that is not so much fun to talk about. I saw a custom job this lady did in tiffany blue and chocolate for a Ravelry chick. Positively drool worthy. Blue and brown are my yum colours. I want to get a lot of sock yarn. A LOT. But then again I also want to get a sheep to make my own, so take that for what it's worth. My cape in in slow progress right now, I am at the cruciale point where I could make or break my goal by putting too much yarn into one area and not having enough for the rest. Champ likes the lambs pride so I know there will be the inevitable "extra blend" into the yarn, from his loving it when Mummy is not looking. Sometimes I walk in from a trip or from putting out the trash to find him curled up in the floor with yarn woven between and around his paws. I have yet to catch him in the act of unskeining the yarn, All I know is that somehow he does it. I'm waiting for the day I come home and see he has grown opposable thumbs and is knitting a doggie scarf in the floor. And the way my carpet looks I am heavily debating making my own Cavy/Feline blend of yarn. I could really make a profit. It would feel somewhat like a nice angora/mohair, And would felt beautifully. Trust me, I've seen the hairballs.

WOOHOO!! I took a break to steam , and the mail lady came. I am sooo happy when I have the mail lady and not the man. HE sucks. He comes at 4ish maybe if he feels like it. And he only delivers bills. He really sucks. The mail lady however, always comes promptly at 1 pm, if it's raining, or bad weather 1 30. And SHE always brings the good stuff.I fnally got my package from my MUM in Austrailia. It's for both Girly's and My birthday, we've got St. Patty in between our birthdays. She's sent it twice now. Girly got an adorable poodle purse and some Ozzie kidsmeal toys. ANd Mum , the dear sent me a faux snakeskin purse, a newsboy cap, in black, and a matching black tee with pink lettering. that screams in bold caps :

Thanks Mum:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

in da hood

Im half way through my stash of lambs pride, and I 'm thinking that I definitly DON"T have enough to do the intire Cape in it. I may only do the back in fuschia, and the sides in Black Wool Ease. Since that's what the Diamonds are. And it's considerably less expensive than the 7.50(cheapest) a 150YD skein for the lambs pride if I don't have enough of it. OR go halvsies on the sides in black and fuschia and NOT do the lenght I want. Call it a draw and make a nice acrylic long cape in a different colourway later. I know I want to do another one anyhow in of course blue and purple, or green and brown... but they are my typical "safe" colours. No lie, the majority of my closet is some form of black, brown and/or green. What am I wearing right now? Green socks, black pants, and a green top. In my BROWN chair. I could be a tree. really. I really wouldn't bat an eye if I was wearin brown/black underpants, I just (a) can't remember what I put on this morning. and (b) don't care to look and tell.
Also in the design bag is a caplet/tank for Girly with of course a hood. I haven't cast on yet with it,It isn't even in my Ravelry yet. I have a sock and the cape to do so I really don't want to overload. Yet agian for the 5 th time I think, I have frogged the entrelac sock, I just can't get it right in the round, there is some secret I'm not getting. Probably because I won't break down and order the durn mag, I just play with the thing, get pissed and rip it out. I'm quite sure there are other FREE patters for entrelac in the round, I just haven't google'd them yet. Im too preoccupied with what I've got in my head, on my needles, and scurrying around my house after the dishes and laundry.
I did a bit of yard work today and found four more baby privacy shrubs. I replanted one behind my pear tree, so maybe I can get a bit more privacy...And my nieghbours can too. Give it about 4 years and I can be wild and free in my back yard and no one will know...Except of course You all. I can't decide if I want to re plant the others out of thier pot in a row or give them away. I hate to trim them, the two I have that are fully grown look like they came out of a hippie's armpit right now. I will give it to them, they are Quite resileint. The left one has been struck by lightning at least three times that I know of. My basil and mint are still alive, and I have some weird stuff growing in there with it that looks like asparagus?! I am wondering if it is the avacado plant I forgot about. I don't want to touch it because if I do everything in the pot WILL die. I know, this has happened to me before. I will just ride it out and see when it gets a bit bigger. if it's an Avacado tree I will do a happy dance and get it a boyfriend. If it's asparagus... I will still wonder WTH? I did not plant asparagus. We shall see. I will take thier picture tomorrow and maybe some one will know what it is.

Monday, March 10, 2008

6 Years ago Today

I had my Baby girl. 7 LBs. 14 oz. No one thought I could do it au natural, but I did. I didn't have the exact birth scenario I wanted. People were coming in and out like Denny's morning rush. I had my mother there, which I did NOT want, And my baby brother turned green as soon as he hit the room. But none the less, it was the most powerful, and beautiful day I've ever had. Happy Birthday Girly

And for your knitting enjoyment, My Hooded Cape in progress. I was going to make a bolerro that is not A bolerro, But instead I am making something I have been dreaming of making since well Forever. I have the design down, I just have to Get'r' done as they say here in the South. This one for sure, will never be a UFO. I forbid it!
Oh yeah,... ANd my Durn cat is preggers. Beh
Want a kitten? They're free, and garonteed to be fabulously beautiful just like thier mummy.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Windy day

It's Super windy here, Our power has gone out all morning long, off and on, Finally it's back up. I found out the entrelac sock patern is in an old IK mag so I can't get it off the net:(( that is unless I order it. So I must improvise somehow. Until then I am thinking up a diamond pattern for a short button down sweater. Kinda like a bollero but longer. It's normally so hot here a true sweater would be impractical this late in the season. However we still have days like today where the cold winds cut like a knife on my back. I need to wait on Physics Guy to get to a working printer to get my graph paper printed out to set the pattern, since mine is more than likely broken since he TOSSED it on the back porch last week when he was cleaning, and forgot it to the rain... Men! It was a bit wonky anyhow, it only printed when it was in the mood to, and dried ink out like a sumbitch. Hey I'm not going to complain much I mean I did get it off freecycle. I'm also thinking about casting on an Baby blue Angora tank for Girly with a lacey collar, and straps in a white crochet thread. I can visualize it, But haven't CO yet. With my back and forth sinus battle I can't concentrate long enough to put the stitches together on my needles. Right now everything is in the planning and sketching stage. My hands are itching for a project, But I think for now I'll just take my time and check out other peoples work, and do the things I need to do around the house. I don't after all want my needle work to become WORK, I want it to stay my happy place.

blogger shut off on me and I lost the rest of my post. Hopefuly I can get it recovered. I'll edit this one if they do.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ribbed with Snark...for No Ones Pleasure

I am generally a Quiet atheist, content to mind my own path, and shake my head at the rest. Generally. Then someone comes along, and ruins my day And I must object. My only wish was that it were ANY other day than today when I am fighting squeaky can't breathe voice. But NOOOO, I let Girly be in the school play, KNOWING I disagreed with a line in the song she would be singing. ONE LINE. I let it pass, I discussed it in private with her, and let I go to the play today and the WHOLE bloddy thing was laced with snark, and religious attacks. freaking FIVE YEAR OLD BABIES!?! Here's a quote from the mouth of a babe" This country was founded on one nation UNDER GOD(emphasised in the speech) and THAT"S (also emphasised)the way it should be. This was not said just once, but MANY TIMES over and OVER in the 30 minute play. So I voiced my displaesure to the principal( who was incidentally behind me the INTIRE time I squeaked and clenched through out the play)who redirected to the music teacher, who I also voiced my displeasure though I also complemented the adorable kids because heck they were absolutely ADORABLE), who THEN in turn redirected me to the teacher. All In all I had to tell 3 different people the level of snark in the play, and the undergod and THAT'S how it is, and a few other quotes, was frankly just rude, and also undermining my efforts as an Atheist parent. The response?" They're little, most of it was just*woosh * over their" and " it was a pre-written play we bought"
SO freaking buttons. I don't CARE if it was over their heads, I did not send my child to a PRIVATE CHRISTIAN academy, I sent her to A PUBLIC school. There is SO much more to this country than religious rhetoric. Freedom, wisdom, diversity,triumph against oppression, open a history book! I expressed my hope that in the future the other plays would not be as religious minded, and exclusive, and left before the hands took on a mind of their own and smacked someone for their casual dismissal. I do not begrudge anyone their faith, but when It comes to the schooling of my child, or anyone Else's, they should be more damn considerate of ALL views and think , "well hey there might be Muslims, or Buddhist's or (yes even us) atheists in the crowd of parents and children, let's think about how there are MANY peoples in this country" And not marginalize and take away from the many truly great things the peoples did to make this country great by saying things like"with out miracles, and the bible, this country would never be here" BULL freaking Shiat. Men and Women,soldiers and sons, daughters and wives, People fought, worked, bleed and died, for this country to get where it is today, and are STILL dying. Go tell a soldier who came home with lost limbs, or a veteran who can't sleep at night for his nightmares, than their contribution doesn't matter, that it was all god, and THAT's why they aren't dead, go tell a mother who has lost her only son in war, than his life was God's will, and that not but her son nor the thousands like him, but BY GOD we're still safe in our beds at night. They were all but forgotten in the school today until it came time for them to come and retrieve the flags from their stands. As I saw those three men marching forward I almost cried, to think all they have done, and battled, just THOSE THREE men, and a government school gives discount to that, for to a God that one or even all of them may not believe in. It really breaks my heart.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stripping and Sneezing

Girly's room Is complete, I stripped the gooey globs off the door, baseboards, and .. okay well NOT the popcorned celing, belive me I tried. I do not like poopcorn celings, I hate them in fact. I understand thier necessity, but damn, those Harley Davidson safety glasses Physics Guy got from Grainger(free!!!) sure came in handy. My eyeballs were caked in the stuff three days ago when I put up the painters tape. I am truly thankful hubby works in such a magical place where vendor day is like mardi gras( only with out the boobies). I got the most kick ass pen from his vendor stash for my pattern writing, it's shaped like a wish bone in a pretty silver color.
But try as I might glasses and all, all I got was a bunch of unpopcorned celing. So I left the rest of the bingo dobber looking spats up there. they're not going anywhere. If need be I'll get some white paint and spatter over them. Also If you can't tell I am feeling better today, cayenne coffee and wasabi tea are my cure for the pain caused by my lovely southern enviroment. still a little winded and the bed room moving has knocked me half out, but I will be ready to rock tonight for my Tangeled Skein ladies. I had hoped to have a few more swatches done in fair isle and broomstick lace(crochet) to show off but at least I have the entrelac swatch done. Which Is alot considering my eyes were about swolen shut from the pine pollen coating they got. I am going to try for the broomstick today, see how far I get with it tomorrow with pictures.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Smells like the Ocean

Today's knitting comes to you from my bed, because I am sick as anything. I haven't slept but for a few hrs as I have been getting up every 45 to honk and drown myself clear my sinuses in salt water. Puss loves entrelac, and it wasa surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. I've already got the patterns and concept memorized.enjoy

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

blogger goodness

I haven't posted any of my blog a days, so here are four, that I have been enjoying this week. I'm wishing you had taken the picture of the vonderstash in the Israeli Lady's shoppe. the mind wonders...., because I love a knitting democrat, and because I AM one!! I love the art, I love the quotes, great blog A non knitting blog, that has some AMAZING photography, and a beautiful music list.

Women in Advertising

Are women exploited by men in advertising? Or are WE exploiting ourselves. Think about it. The women in ads for things like body spray, burgers, and lingerie are being PAID, and willing participants in the adverts. They are not being forced into it. They made the choice to sell with their bodies. Is that exploitation? That is not to say some of these ads are not blatantly vile, or anti woman, some are, as I have previously stated, but explotive? no not when the persons in them are doing so of their own volition. I can understand the anger at allowing women to starve themselves to bone thin extremes for fashion, that IS stupid, but exploitive? No . These women have brains the same as you and I. They CHOOSE to not use them. If every super skinny model stood up and said "screw off, we will NOT model until realistic measures for body image are given"The Industry would cease until they got a ticket on the reality train. They haven't yet, simply because MODELS are allowing it. The women who are making the CHOICE to be stupid skinny sticks. Just as in the suffrage movement, women went on strike, burned their bras and such, so should they perhaps today in this if they are as outraged as they say. But they aren't.
Because some Women are into it and want to be like that,not using the sense they have to realise some of these girls it's just a genetic lottery, and the rest are snorting coke and chucking their brownies.
While other women are all caught up in the drama factor, the oh the man is after us boohoo nonsense. You are the only one who allows yourself to be used in such a manner. But back to adverts and exploitation. Dove and Axe, two legs of the same body, but we women LOOOVe dove, because they tell us they love us. We hate Axe because they show T&A, and lusty lonely women leaping melons and tofu for some guy they smell five isles away.(there is fact, that shit stinks to high..well somewhere, I can literally sniff my husband out in a market if he uses that stuff, and not in a good way, cuz once I find him I have to run away or pass out) And say they are teaching men to only look for and expect hott sexy skinny women. WE should be the ones to teach our brothers and sons what a woman is. Instead of copping out and blaming the media for teaching them what we lack to. If we show that there are two sides to the same coin. The intelligent and the beautiful. That beauty is unique to the individual. We wouldn't have to worry about it, and the companies would find a new way to advertise. Women choose in stead to say it's the man fault, but its' not. This is not a slave country any more, no one forced these women into skimp suits and gave them boobies or death options. No, that's not sexism, that's just women making unintelligent choices. Men are not as stupid as some like to think. They KNOW all women aren't silver screen airbrushed goddesses, but if we are going to try and make like one, they won't complain about it. They're Zen like that. WE are the ones starving ourselves, WE are the ones getting botox, and fake tits, to say MEN are forcing it... well I call bullshit. If you give a kid nothing but candy all day, they won' complain. It's not the kid's fault, YOU gave it to them. If you teach a child good balanced eating habits they will in turn accept and enjoy those as well, and in turn be all the better for it. Much the same is it with men. Now of course we can't go out and make every one change for the better, Man or Woman... Not every one WANTS to. The thing you can do is teach your children and the people around you better, and hope the ass holes and disillusioned don't breed and die off soon...And you know they will, what with the paltry amounts they eat and the booze their male counterparts consume:P But to say men are exploiting us is just as insulting to women as a whole, as the "go Iron my shirt bitch" comments. We ALL DO have brains, some just choose to market their tits instead. And yes some guys like that, let them have the bleach blonde size 00, and get married, you know they won't have kids and ruin her "perfect " figure so there's no risk to society. Let evolution take its course and breed out the stupid. If you don't think it'll work...taken a look at a do-do bird lately?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Recipie of the Month

I'm really stuck on the recipie for the month, hot today, cold tomorrow, what would make a good all weather recipie? cheesy macaroni cassarole
one 16 oz box of your favorite mac'n' cheese, boiled to al-dente,
one T. of butter stirred in to melt, with salt and pepper
1/2 cup grated cheddar jack
2 T cream cheese
one can of tuna in water(drained)
one can (16 oz) of sweet peas
cheese nips(crushed)
mix all stuffs save the 'Nips
Pour in a greased with olive oil(or butter) dish, in the oven at 350^ until the cheese on top is a bit crispy, top with a light sprinkling of ...Yes MORE CHEESE, I hope you've had your newspaper fiber today.
Now sprinkle the 'nips an return to over for roughly 8-10 min. I'd go for the 8 in a gas oven(to be safe and not burn the cheese).all in all about 55 minutes to an hr, with the boiling time. You can eat it hot or toss it in the fridge for later. If it's hot later add some mayo/miracle whip, and have a cold macaroni salad. If you don't enjoy tuna you can allways go to the trouble of baking and dicing up some chicken for an omit.
I sometimes do the chicken one, when I am sharing with others... but I grew up on the tuna one, and prefected it over the yrs. My mom was never a fan of cream cheese.

Deliciousness, and Cat brain

I love a good ball of yarn. My Auntie(adopted by marriage) from Boston does too. Lucky gal has a woolco. and everything. She came up from Orlando on her way home and called me to let me know she was bringing a bit of yarn fo a care package. She too is a lover of needlework; a hooker herself for many years. She has accumulated much yarn over the years, and even is lucky enough to have had a friend in the yarn shoppe business who gave her the hook up on alot of high end yarns. So SUV brimming over she met us uptown to visit her Sweetie pie(Girly), and drop off the "bit of yarn" for me. She tried to drop off more but PG drew the line here: Holy woolens batman! I haven't even gone through it all yet. I'm saving it to play with at Sally's later with the Ladies. But there is some SERIOUS yarn happening in there. Some of this stuff has seen more travel than I have. All I can say is: I love you Auntie Carmen

In other less yarny news, My cat STILL hasn't shown up home. It's been two weeks since she made off. She's about 16-17 yrs old, and has minimal eyesight and some kidney problems. I'm thinking she snick off to do her final kitty business. Which really sucks as I could at least know for sure if she were home and did it. She' rarely runs off, and for no more than a week on walkabout. I had taken to just giving her free roam of the yard when ever she wanted it, since she didn't ever leave the yard and small wooded area beside it. And she Allways comes in for the night to sleep on my head. Now Puss (Girly's cat) has taken over bedtime head warming/nightmare inducing duties. I don't really know What it is about cats, but when they sleep on my head I with out fail have some of the most Horrid nightmares. Last night's was the most dreaded : teeth-falling-out-nightmare in which my teeth for no apparent reason all fall out. This dream is worse for me than the half finished-bridge of death and zombies-pretending-to-be-Hubby dreams combined, I have only two really bad fears: careening off a bridge while driving, and my freakin TEETH falling OUT. Though practically speaking it wouldn't be so bad. No more flossing and having to take aspirin after because the pain of that evil little string permeates to my BRAIN, ANd if I need a whitening I can just pop the ol dentures in some bleach water. :P But seriously I think that's the most aweful icky nightmare ever. I think what it is it the cat heat warms my brain up too much and sorta cooks it like a fever. You see these cats don't jut sleep on the pilow by my head, they WRAP themselves tummy closest around my head so I get all the purry, hair flying,warmness of a cat hat.
I'm hoping Miss Kitty is just on an extended walk about, and not the long walk from which you do not return. I'd like to have a few more years with her, weeing on the bath mat aside, She's a pretty kick ass cat. You'd have to be to attack mastiffs and other large breeds the way she does. This cat can (and has) make Staffies tuck tail and run. (pit bulls to the average joe)
I'm hoping that she's going to surprise me an pop up in a coupla days hungry and a bit less tubb to resume her head warming. lets just hope.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


This is a poem I wrote some time ago, I had it on one of my poetry sites. I don't feel this way so much any more. I don't really know when , but I know a change in me came. Round about the time I started knitting, and quit the religion scene. I don't feel as hopeless, and unloveable now. I think alot of it has to do with letting go, letting go of thoughts other people put upon you, and the stigmas they put agianst you. Letting go of unlive-uppable standards given by mothers, husbands and most importantly Yourself. Beauty is a state of mind. I just thought I'd share it.

I see beauty all around me,

the smile of a child with an icecream, dancing in the sandy playgrounds

a bird on the water glistening in the sun, soaring high in the clouds

the veins of a blade of grass, or a flower blooming proudly

interior beauty of a kind man/woman opening the door

or helping put away groceries for an elderly person

a picture, a song, a book

why don't I see the beauty in myself,

I know I can be kind, beautiful inside,

Yet I cry, feel insignificant and unhelpful

wondering at night, did I do what is right

while I should be sleeping, looking forward to the next day

does my child see my admiration, have I shown her all my love

or remember my impatient outbursts, and forget the happy times?

the voices of the past telling me I am not good, am not smart

they cloud my judgement and my dreams, no matter what I do they laugh and taunt me

I am an outsider, the other moms stand away from me, as if they see my imperfections.

I try, perhaps not hard enough , to be their friend

yet alone I sit, at parties, recitals and games.

I think will my child do the same one day

or will she be better than me in my emotionally stunted friendships

only here physically apart do I find friends, I wonder why

do I exude some physical sign of abnormality, not in my face but manner?

like the caste less of ancient times

untouchable, odd ,unmistakably different

until I know for sure the cause and cure

I still have cookies to bake, rooms to clean,

Life goes on, full of tastes, smells and endless chores to keep me busy

until the night when I wonder again have I done enough

am I beautiful now? at least to those I love most.

copyright bitches.( but you can share it if you put it as mine)