Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall planting

Hello world, Been really busy, and slightly less social this month. I tend to get in moods, jaded by the world around me and I shut out other s. But on the positive side I have been very busy within my little sphere. I have 6 southern pea plants growing off my northern side of the house, hopefully they will be ripe for harvest before the freeze in late dec. One good thing about living in the south is the frost is very late and often brief. I have about a dozen Italian lettuce fledglings due for harvest in the next 6 weeks, and my tomatoes are practically falling off my accidental plant. the ones I actually planted are in a sorry state and the ones that are in good shape have only given off 3-5 decent toms. the greens are in varying states, the older crop is nearing harvest and the babies are about 1/2 inch tall, so maybe some nice turnips for thanksgiving. My mints are outstanding and probably the best crop I've got. But I am very optimistic about spring. The composts are huge and rich. I believe I will be able to double my crop in the spring now that I've got the hang of things.

For knitting I have a lot of projects on, Not really a lot finished. Cozy is 2/3 through, but I got distracted with My red and yellow socks which are my on the go project. The Cozy is just too large to take to the bus stop and lunch etc. I am on the last 12 rounds of the second sock. I have finished my fair Ilse top I started this last week. I made 3/4 sleeves that are ribbed from 1/2 to the end so I can turn them up if need and weather be. It's out on the line right now drying and blocking.
I have been really good at not buying any yarn since I am trying to save as much $$ as possible in the economic crisis. One can never be too cautious. Which is another reason why I am considering expanding my garden from merely play to sustainable levels. I must brag on my Clothes line, I saved 300kw hrs on my electric bill from line drying half my laundry on it. My only reasons to Not use it are rain and I must machine dry Physics Guy's laundry, as He hates the crispness. Which I LOVE.
I also learned how to change a tire, though It won't do me much good as I am not strong enough to turn the lugs unless I use a Hammer. I may consider tossing one in my trunk Just in case. Usually around here the local guys will feel sorry for me enough to help If I seem too pathetic, so I predict I won't need it(hopefully). I wish My health and upper body strength wasn't so shitty. Maybe I should bust the weight bench out of the closet, and some pain pills on the side. Since I know any training would send me into throes of pain. Let this be a lesson kiddies, drink your milk. Bones are important.
I think that's all for now. Don't want to use up all my words in one post.