Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not hate, just Indifference


The one main question or statement(as it comes in many formats) I get after telling people I'm an atheist is" why are you angry with god/ why do you hate God, or the much more common:"I feel you're angry with god". I am so totally NOT angry with god. And while I'm on it, if I were which one would I choose? Or maybe I could be angry with them all, but really that's a lot of fairy dust to be pointlessly angry with. No not angry, just indifferent. You see most people commonly misplace the opposite of Love with anger, when in fact anger assumes belief in said god. I however do not. So you see :indifference. Do not love, nor hate because I am confident there is nothing to feel emotion towards. The religious talks I end up eventually having with people have become like a recording to me. Same arguments, different formats.
Their personal God is not vengeful, doesn't smite the wicked,helps and heals, and is a jovial grandpa kinda guy. Yet they all read from the same book as the next person which states all about how thy should kill those (women) who sleep around, eat shellfish, or don't believe the same religious jargon as them. Also if you can say: "oh well this passage can't apply now, that was just the TIMES then." I'm sorry, throw the whole thing in the trash, because the same goes for the rest of it. I can not believe in something in a book that has been ripped apart and put back together half way and slipshod like some tinker toy from their hell more than a dozen times in the past century alone. and isn't really even written by said deity, I mean jeez dude omnipresent, get off your duff and write it yourself. It's not like you're actually doing something. These days if God tells you to write a book on how to kill people you don't like and rape their women, And condones sacrificing your children you go to either the funny farm or prison. Who knows that these boneheads hundreds of yrs ago didn't belong in the same place? Some where I read once the only difference between Christianity and the scientologists of today is about 2000 years. I concur. Back then you cold spout enough BS and get enough people to follow you and poof you're a religion. Sometimes all it takes is a good con and a charismatic personality, hey look at all these get rich quick schemes thousands get into every day. Same concept, you work your tail off give them your money/faith, con others into it and you get a fancy car/eternal life/ one million dollars, only to be miserable and irritating and come up with less than you started with. The old "there's a coin in your ear" trick didn't work on me as a kid, it still doesn't now, sorry.( not really)
Another argument is the old: well what kind of morals can you teach your kids without god, all the ones you say are made by us. Like there's some bloody patent on not running stark naked through the streets stabbing people. Common decency is not a religious value. Most definitely not, otherwise you would see a lot less hate mongering towards gays, non religious, and people who don't like (insert your religious holiday here) My morals are as follows:
(1) don't do things that could potentially harm yourself, others, or make ME want to kick your butt.
(2) learn all you can, and do your best so you will be wise enough to make the world a better place.
(3) help people when you can if you can,
(4) wipe front to back
(5) chew with your mouth closed
You see even less than the 10 commandments. Pretty simple stuff really, doesn't even need to come with an omnipresent figurehead.

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