Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knitta Time

So I've been really busy on knitting when I am not giving kitten massage/ supervision. I have two make up bags one knit and one crochet.

I am still on my two socks, since one of them somehow turned mobius on me,and thus had to be frogged back. and the other I am painstakingly writing the pattern with fixes to the parts I don't really like

I'm sitting here writing one-handed b/c Einstein is in my lap for a foot massage. Note the baldness of the leg: his range of motion is getting better every day, just in small doses. he's So energetic its hard to get him stillfor A massage. Yesterday I was surfing the news with my toes, loving him so he'd stay still for his PT. I tell ya, if PG hadn't had a background in medical I would have gone berserk calling the vet every day about his leg. He's eating my elbow now, I just realized I've been rubbing the wrong durn leg. Which I should know better, his bad one is the same as Physics Guy's. I like to call them Gimpy one and Gimpy two. I wonder if he still has his external tens unit around here... that could be helpful. basically it stimulates the nerves and makes them feel better.I forget the particulars when I've only got a few hrs spread out of sleep all night.
Here I am talking kitty when I'm supposed to be talking knitty. I am investigating on how to do A knitted steering wheel cover for my car. The wheel itsself is so old it's turning sticky.Ok it's attached to a '93 caprice so... I can't find a store bought one that I like enough to buy. I think wool or cotton would be practical since it will be in a hot car and thus subject to melting if made with acrylic. I also haveAnother tempting top to make for my SIL. And Lace things I'm fantasising about as well.
I'm also loving how well my nails look in these pictures. Any one who knows me KNOWS they don't look this nice IRL. I always have some sort of dirt/ chipping funk about them. but shh don't tell.

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