Saturday, August 7, 2010

Writing practice

She was exhausted, two more miles to go and she would be home. Well to he new apartment. Hopefully it would be more homey AFTER the boxes were unpacked and all of her furniture arrived. Selene was turning 30 this week. A new decade deserved a new start she decided. So she packed all her things that would fit in her Celica and sent the rest with a moving van to ______ Oklahoma. A small Midwestern town, cozy and a bit Mayberry in it's quaintness. Just perfect for her mission. Finding a husband, now rest assured our dear Selene had far More planned for herself, but this was her primary objective. She had already taken out a small business loan and found the perfect storefront for her other lifelong dream; A bakery. NOt just a sweets shop with overpriced coffees and frosting laden cupcakes, But a true honest to goodness Bakery. Fresh loaves of pumpernickel and french breads, buttery warm croissants, and of course the cakes. Cakes were Selene's passion, she spend hours mapping and drawing out her designs on crisp sketch paper. tumbling cascades of ivy, with stawberries and sugar paste blossoms. Dainty white chocolate lines dancing across the sides of a rich dark chocolate frosted cake, filled with champagne maranaided strawberry jam. She kept them all in a leather bound journal her father gave her for her graduation present. The rich scent of it's oiled cover and the warmth of the memory of the gift always made her careful to only put the best of her ideas into it's precious pages. Now she would finally have a place to bring these confectionary dreams to life. As she pulled into the parking space in front of the bakery Selene took it all in. A modest brick two story, her apartment would be upstairs so that she could get the earliest start on her baking. Sweet smelling gardenias potted in large urns out front, and a striking white spiral staircase to one side with matching white shutters on the large front windows. She closed her eyes invisioning how perfect it would all look once the cakes and pastries were all laid out in the window case. Oh yes, she thought, what a wonderful start it would be.