Friday, February 29, 2008


In knitting and crochet there are ALOT of abbreviations. I have a habit of saying them in my head as I go to remember what comes next. Only I do it in a different way. ktbl= ktable, k2tog/p2tog= k Tog or p Tog(sounds like Dog) for k3tog and up I just think # and Tog.
slp(slip as if to purl)= spell, yes I know it's a bit backwards but if you say purl fast it's sounds like pell(at least here in the south)
st st I just cut down to SS
Giving them names helps me think faster than thinking letters. Of course the simple ones I keep the same, like K, P, beg,co, Bo, cab.
Right now I'm copying a pattern for goblet socks. And Oh my gosh it's a pain. It's not a wordy pattern which would make it easy to copy down in a notepad. It's one of those graph patterns that take forever to copy if you don't use graph paper. I'm the type of person where I can't visualise symbols as words. I NEED words to burn them into my brain long enough to write it down. Little circles and slashies do nothing for my noggin. I have a photographing memory with numbers and words, just not with graph stuffs, I think that was my biggest trouble in higher math, squiggles and pi signs don't stick well. So I sketched out the grph on a pad and am going to have to translate it to words so I can get it when I'm knitting it. Oh the sacrifices I will make to churn out a pair of socks. I want to wait to make them until I can get I nice wine coloured yarn, which I think would do them very well, or perhaps a golden and brown colourway...or gold and red and brown... I have some great yellow and green that I want to do a scaly dragon-esque or parrot like pattern with, but so far I haven't found THE ONE PATTERN that makes me say' WOW I could see that as the animal.' My cotton socks remind me of mermaids and the sea, I like that. I really enjoy a pattern that gives an image along with it. Not only is it functional, but also artistic as well. Something that will capture your attention and take you away to a magical place in your head.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Irish weeds

Okay, You will not belive what I just saw. They are SELLING clover IN THE STORE! WHY would you SELL a weed? EVERYONE HAS THEM. that's like selling freakin dandilions. I have these lovely green tributes to Ireland ALL over my back yard. SEE: I guess with St. patty's around the corner, it may be a nice table topper for parties, but really, have you BEEN to an irish St. patty's party? You don't want a table toppper, it takes up too much pint space, you could put AT least two more beer on that thing.If you buy these things for a St. patty's party, you're not Irish, you may THINK you are, but no. You know what REALLY makes a good Irish table topper? A keg of Guinness. Or maybe a nice layout of meats, grilled, sliced, roasted meats garnished with carrots and potatoes. Or if it's a guys only type of thing...chips and nuts, that's it, maybe a nice bottle of whiskeyin the middle to centre things up. So before you go pay 10 bucks for a handfull of irish dandilions come over to my house , I''ll give 'em to ya for free, and mine are just the right size to use for a coaster for your pint.More on St. Patty nearer to the day. Fun and interesting facts about the guy, the history, and the culture of Ireland.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going Strong

During the mad rush yesterday PG and I got about half of Girly's room done, not counting the top border. Mr. expert told me to get masking tape for the borders....$1.99 Masking tape does NOT take the place of the $8.99 roll of PAINTERS TAPE. no matter how much you try and make it. SO now I have to get thinner to get the seep off the bottom border and door frame, as PG went slap happy with the roller, and forgot we had a BRUSH to get those pesky nooks. Yet MR. fire alarm is unscathed and carefully painted around... That's what happens when you marry a fireman. To hell with the doors, the fire alarm MUST NOT be teh pinks!!!On the positive side he actually likes the colour, just of course, not the Flatness of the paint. Which I expected, and it really doesn't bother me. I'm sure there's some sort of clear coat paint for walls , right? Cars have it, It would stand to reason walls should too. Why let cars have all the fun.
I finished up one of my Aunt purl socks at Sally's yesterday before the painting. I picked at the patttern a bit to make it fit me better. I am Never happy with a pattern, I MUST pick. Even though I should finish the other one, in all it's '80 style glory, ( I swear when I saw this thing finished I had flashes of crimped side ponytails, and madonna-esque gloves.)I'm not in any hurry to do it. It's warm as crap, but not something I would wear to market...unless It was on one of my grungy, nonmatching days. Which incedentally I am having today. Now I am working on a wrap in Patton's Divine Amethyst I need something fun and fancy to do. Plus it's insanely easy with K2, YF, rep pattern. I can't decide if I should try and sell it, then buy more to make me one, or keep it for myself...I really need to get up my stash for an online sale. Family keeps nagging me to do it. Really I just don't want the monotony of churning out generic pieces for the masses. I wouldn't mind so much if I just do unique ones, and tough cookies if someone wants one JUST like it in a week, unless they are going to front the money. Then of course I would'nt object:P

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Woman get back in the kitchen and... oh hell

I gotta say Hell ya for these ladies :
Soo many women are abused everywhere by thier husbands and boyfriends. IF we had something like this here in the states that would rock my socks off. I found it Via stumble upon. I hate abuse, I was abused, my mum was abused, I do not tolerate it. SAldy things here in the states are pretty bad off when it comes to DV as well. Women are still being abused. Some men still think it's O.K., nessecary even in some places. Religious sects are still condoning it,or allowing it in a round about way of, "forgiveness", pleasing the husband prevention, and using misconstrued quotes from thier religious materials as evidence of thier higher powers permission. SOme women think it's okay, since the kids aren't getting it, or that if it's not often or it's only verbal that it isn't that bad. Even though studies prove violnce doesn't get better, Only worse. Then once they are able to leave There are places vic's can go now and get away, but if they're anything like the ones here, it's not good enough. I volonteered at one for a while, EVERYONE in the county knows where it is, and the admin are so busy argueing over petty crap like whether to hang clothes by colour or size, that the place hasn't even opened yet, and it was suppossed to back two yrs ago. Which means alot of women have no where to go , or are routed far away, or crammed in overflowing facilities. Nor to mention the religious exculsivities of most, where you must go to church, and read nonsense, and BE of a certian religious persuation or you can be asked to leave. Then they wonder why the women go BACK to thier husbands for round 2. There's either no other option, or they're taught to forgive, and let go, only to take it to mean forgive and go back. What really can we do to keep our women safe? education, strenght, and ability to provide for themseelves so they dont't feel powerless to leave. Every woman should know how to work at something so that if in any scenario where she MUST provide She CAN. Personally I think a gauntlet of mad badass women with baseball bats is just the thing to curb a man from hitting his wife. Think about it, would you really want to meet them at your front door as you're off to go to work? But really a no tolerance attitude, and women who know they CAN do better is a much preferable solution. Though there is something to be said for ownership of a nice cast iron skillet just in case.
Not to isolate all the awesomeness of these ladies, they are also picketing and protesting to the indian gov. to help impoverished people in the country and uncovering corrupt officials, and kicking much butt both literal and figurative. so Cheers to you ladies, Pink has never looked so powerfull!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Poncho pattern

I am making this pattern after the fact, as I can't ever do a pattern when I am actually making the thing, I don't know why, I keep a notepad for just that any gaps, or errors please let me know and i will look more closely, also bear in mind I am a small person , so your particular size on this sould be determined by width around your shoulders for the body, and the difference between that and the size around the largest part of your breast area(with your arms crossed for more room, you will need a measuring friend!!) for the centre: any who: here goes: CO 138 in main colour worsted weight, on for body
and 60 on for centre.
feather and fan:
R1: K a row,
R2: P a row,
R3: K1,*(k2tog)3 times, (yo,k1)6 times, (k2tog)3times, rep from* to last st. k1
R4:K row(ws)

rep 1-4 rows: 4 times
R5:k row,
R6: P row,
R7: K1 , (yo, k1)3 times, (k2 tog)3 times, then rep.from row 4 after *
hint: for every k2tog, you should have equally a YO,k1. So if you end with say the last k2tog's and have three sts left you can either (a) k all sts, OR (b) k2tog, yo K last. as long as your yo's and K2tog's are equal it's all good.
R8:K a row(ws), Repeat 5-8: 4 times.

~if you want a longer poncho you can rep from 1-4 again or 1-8 depending on how long you really want it. each 4x rep of 4rows is 2 1/2" at the high peak, and 3 1/4" at the low(longest) point

after the last repitition's Knit on wrong side row, stockinette from your upper breast to collarbone. for me:four and 1/2 inches,
this would be the time to seam in the centre: on (looking down at in your lap)left side of centre to right side of body. Hold them right side to right side and SC in them both on the last st of every row(that you can get). Or the good ol' needle seam works too, either or.

follow pattern of body untill 8 rows into the stockinette,
row : continuing in stockinette, dec by(k1, k2tog)every right side row until you reach 20 sts(or one third of the sts you cast on). on a p row hold 'em on the needle and SC down side and back up to the you can tie off now you have 22 sts to do :to the bulky below after seaming together with the body.
( you will place the buttons after the holes, unless you want them closer together, or are using smaller buttons I'm using ones the size of quarters)

now tie in your new bulky colour yarn. : k a row, p a row, P a row(RS), 5 rows of stockinette,
then R9:(p one , p2tog)
k row, P row,
R12: (k1, k2tog) K row, p row
R15: (k1, k2tog ) stockinette four rows.BO

buttonholes : on left side of body(looking down at it): sc to about the5th row(I added an extra button, told ya I knitpick) ch, 5, sc to the 14th row ch5 tightly, sc up to one inch into stockinette, ch 5, sc to four rows from top of main colour, ch5, sc up to bulky, sc all the way back down and tie off, and weave in ends. (this for me actually aded up to chaining every tenth Sc as I skipped a few rows and just used larger Sc since I couldn't fit the hook in some of the tighter rows)
Start on Right side bottom of bulky: sc3, ch3(button holes), sc in 2nd row,rep two more times, sc around top and back to bottom of bulky yarn. Hold together as you would wear it andput the buttons over the holes, poke the buttons strings through through the holes and sew/knot on to the button side:)that way they will be straight and dead on the holes That I think should be it. It's long enough to reach my elbows, but short enough I can wear it while doing the dishes and not get it too terribly wet.( how horribly martha!)
With some of this stuff, like the way to make button holes or the how to of putting on the buttons, seaming, is really no big deal to do it your own way, these are just ways that are easier for me. I hope I have been inteligible. I will go over this A few more times in the next few days to make sure I've been thourough, as this patern writing is a new thing for me, so I want to be the utmost of clear I can be.

Rainy day blues...or pinks

I've said before, I love the rain. But unfortunatly it doesn't like me. My arthritis is kicking my butt today. My joints are all swollen, sadly Girly has it too.It must be hereditary I guess. I hate it when she wants me to dress her because her little baby hands can't get the buttons. It sucks because I know how much it bothers me. So I have to get three people dressed. I went and did my grocery run anyways, because we needed veggies and butter, and of course Warsteiner to get through the weekend:P I figured I'd goof off while waiting for my RX to fill and scoped the paint rejects. I found some fab green but unfortunatly there was'nt enough to do my living room, and it was flat, so a definite PG no go. He MUST have semigloss in the living room if we are going to paint it. I talked him down from the DARKGLOSSNOWAY TO SEE MARKINGS!!!ledge to a reasonable colour level, and semi gloss. I also found a cutesy pink colour called cherry soda, 4 gallons, washable but flat:P my true paint love. I bought it, 20 buck for 4 gallons. Girly's peals of happiness are already ringing in my ears and she's not even home yet.
^note above pinkness(and reasons the wall needs painting)^Only one thing stands in my way now....I have never in my life painted a room. sure I've done trims, and botched a table or two, but a whole room! nope. I know I'm supposed to wash the walls first, and lay down paper( which I got). other than that, I dunno. The walls are already painted with a matte, so I think I won't have to prime or buff them. But I don't think I can just slap it on there willy nilly, surely it's not THAT simple...Is it? anyone have a painting for dummies book? I know I should have looked into this before getting the stuff, but painting is something I REALLY wanted to do since I bought this place. egg, white and buff don't do it for me. For now since it's raining I have a reprive, I know that much, paint+ rain = forever to dry. For now I will be content to go colour my hair, and wait for the Physics Guy on the big stuff. I also have a slipper to do, and dishes. I finished my poncho last night, and Now am doing the knitpicky do I want to add anything, is it right? perfectionism snit that I do with all my finished work. I think though that I am done. what do you think?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

bugs and marriage

I love Biology, it's something fun to read and learn about things like beetles who hide in termite mounds by using thier butts as disguse, or the infamous Cukoo bird, who imitates the baby of it's unfortunate new parents. Camouflage, pretending to be what you are not. I see this sometimes in the human world too. We are, after all just animals. the girl who pretends to like hockey since the boy she has an eye on likes it. The one who stuffs her bra, to seem more well endowed, why? to catch a man who doesn't like her for her and then be left miserable once she's bonded to him? And often men are guilty of this too, the old " loving the cooking, but tossing it to the dog when she's not looking " things. Why? Why lie, to a miserable means? Is it really all that bad to know what you want and persue it and not to settle for falsehood? For humans there are many options to explore and no one(usually ) is going to eat you if you aren't the right mate. In the animal kingdom there are the unfortunate souls who may even be eaten if they ARE the right one. I like the spider who sneaks up on its girl and tyes her down, to keep her from eating him. Only as soon as he's gone she wiggles right out of the fetters as easy as you please. very funny. SOmetimes us females play this card (no not the BDSM one:P) the poor helpless girl card to find a mate."oh, help me, I can't lift a screwdriver" leaping on the first mechanic or roofer guy who comes along and can tie his own shoes. Nevermind if he's not funny, drinks too much, or is allergic to your 10 dogs, by BOB( sorry I can't even say george anymore with out throwing up a little) he can DO stuff. Don't get me wrong. Im not saying anything bad about roofers or mech's, Love the trade. I'm just using them as an example that popped 1st into my head. I guess what I'm trying to say is Be YOU, do what makes YOU happy. Learn how to do minor repairs yourself, go ahead and take the car to a shop for an oil change, its' cheaper, but don't let princess syndrome become your weapon for finding a guy. I bet once you do things for yourself, and BE yourself, you will eventually find a guy who you like for himself and he will like you back. Then you can go make puppies somwhere, or have coffee, or whatever. And It will be worth the wait whether it's 10 day later or hell 10 yrs. Let go of the steryotype that if you're not married and pregnant by 30 that your life is *gasp* over. look at the red hatters, they are over 50 and living it up, why should you not? Harrison ford, He CERTAINLY isn't looking too shabby, rrow! And he's like 60ish. So live life , don't do drugs, or the mailman....unless you really like him.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Knitting nook

I love my pets, really I do, all 10 of 'em. But sometimes like today I wonder...did I make the right choice in not adopting out some of them before they got too many? I mean take a look at my knitting room. All this ample knitting space, taken up by my massive cavy friendly cage. I am a space hog, I like my space, It's nice to have somewhere in the house to go and hide knitt away to my hearts content with out interruption. Most of my time is spent DOing for everyone else, feeding, listening, being a couch/ foot rest. I really like to have an area I could invite friends over to. But I don't have that. nope I have a small area that isn't (usually) overtaken with critters, pop cans, and or other items that take hours of time to make livable for guests. And it's in the back of the house, so you have to sift through the rubble to get to it, by which time any sane person would run screaming from my home... That is unless they live there like I do. Note the tag-a-long Pup who is in every picture, save the one I blocked him from getting in. I 'm hoping in being brave enough to show the inside of my house on here I will maybe work up the courage to invite people over and say animals be damned I WILL have a social life, And Blow what they think of the mess. But really I want to go and delete the messy living space picture right this very second.But then again, I mean, why call it Furniture, if It can't have FUR on it? and who could not love this face?
In case you are wondering where the cavies that go in the cage are? They are in the tub, waiting on their bedding which is in the dryer. That is a cage for 4 cavies. has intructions for building your own, and cavy care and ownership. Just for pete's sakes, don't buy= adopt, and if you do either make sure they're both ( cavies do best in twos) the same sex, and if females, that they're NOT preggers first. This was my mistake, preggo pigs. AHGH!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh Baby

There are in my opinion few types of persons who bobbles look good on. Babies are one of those types. PG's firefighing friend is having a baby in a few months, well more accurately his WIFE is. None-the-less a baby is on it's way, which means I must make it something. I have a granny square blanket I may or may not finish, depending on how bored I am. Ever since the giant granny square blanket I made father in law for christmas I cannont bring myself to attention long enough to mke any more. Frankly I am sick of them right now. So in stead of finishing the blanket I made a baby bobble jacket and am in the process of matching booties. In the process meaning I am formulating the plan of them, not actually ON them yet. At least in the case of babies I can procrastinate. the little tyke isn't going to be here in a few days, so I have plenty of time...unlike a certain sister who is going to be here In 4 DAYS who I promised houseshoes too..that I haven't made yet. In any case I have the jacket made
The middle bobbles look off centre because they are actually buttons, and they aren't laying right yet. I haven't washed it or tucked the ends either but that can be done on the coffee break between folding and hanging. Nothing ever seems to look right when I am trying to take it's picture. Kinda like the obnoxious cousin who fudges up all the family photos by sticking his tounge out at that last possible moment before the flash.

The houseshoes will have to fight the house WORK. Which has gotten enormously larger since the battle between Physics Guy and Girly over bedtime stories last night. It ended with him not so carefully throwing penalty toys out of her room in a big freaking pile, that I inevitably will have to clean up.. For all his square root of 30pi he can't seem to grasp neatly stacking or tiding up... And she won the bedtime story. Well now of to morning drop off, and then on to housework. Perhaps I can find a bit of time inbetween spraying and steaming for some shoes.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bacon oh how I love thee.

I love bacon. I feel as if it should have it's own special food group on the pyramid, though adding Fat back to it would be debateable. Bacon can go with or on anything to make it better. If I can't eat I know I can count on A nice slab of bacon to make me hungry. which makes today all the more horrific. Physics guy wanted bacon for breakfast. A meal he rarely has. So I whipped out the 2 pould slab of applewood and the grill pan, as soon as the normally succulent sweet aroma hit my nostrils I had to run to the bathroom. I couldn't finish cooking it. I had to TIME it during my heaving, so I could tell him when to flip the slices. I don't time my cooking, ever. Fortunatly I can still EAT it, as I am right now, but I'm burning candes and opening doors to make the smell go away. I even went to the store and took the dreaded test just to be sure. I'm not, but I must be getting sick, or all the sugestions of "when ya going to have one" Are making me act like I am. These are the only things that have ever made me nautious over bacon.
On a lighter more viewer friendly subject, on the blog feature list today are: I haven't thouroughly investigated her blog yet, but I plan to do so after the school party that isn't really a party so they can have a bigger giant Spring party with the parents party. you see they're only allowed to have 3 parties a yr. damn uptight school board.
and Who has some fabulous doggies that I LOVE. And on the older posts she has knitter podcasts. Woohoo!

I will be back later for more, hopefully.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Blog a Day

I said I would post Pictures, so here they are: my socks that I finally fininshed over the weekend.Somehow the second sock was just a bit more snug than the first,Not much and it went away mostly after I wore them around abit. Also I realized an error I had made in the first one, on the heel prep I was supposed to do sets of 4, but I only did sets of three, wich didn't change the size fortunatly because there was a certain number of ROWS I had to stop at , but it did mess up the look and ribbed it. Actually I prefer the set of three to the set of four look. and it feels a bit more padded. thats what I get for putting R 2 and 4 instead of going R1, R2, R3, R4, it usually puts me off and I have to frog. Since it was already finished and seamed there is no way on earth I am mad enough to frog a whole half sock for a part that will not even be seen. Not for a sock I made for myself anyway. If it was for someone else I would. I am still haunted by the sweater I made for SIL at Christmas that was about 8-9 inches too short.

And the boobie pillow I made for Physics Guy, which he loves. Men are so easily thrilled. Thanks to Martha Clem aka StarGazer for the pattern.
I decided since I have alot of fellow ravelers with blogs, that I would read at least a blog a day from them, to find new blogs to add to my list. My reading for the day is coming from: quirkyknitgirl and knitasaur , Ladies from the 20 spot( other 20 something aged knitters)
Knitasaur has some rather delicious looking pink and green socks, that remind me of jolly rancher candy. And Quirky girl is making me hungry for a yummy steak burger. Maybe I just need to eat some breakfast.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Be my valentine

I finished my socks, now I'm working on The crocheted boobie pillow Physics Guy requested. Thank goodness I am done, My living room carpet looks like a pink fairy exploded on it. there is spattered oatmeal and calamine lition that I am going to have to pick out of the fibers. why? Well my dear dog has allergies to fleas, and ONE flea gets on him( from the vet TYVM) he goes into a chewing frenzy. Now he looks like a horror version of the Dog dragon on The Neverending Story, scaly and clumps of hair. Last time I shaved him and wrapped an oatmeal pack to him. This time I was out of medic tape so I just caked him up with oatmeal and later applied calamine. He decided he was going to roll in the floor to be snarky and get the goop off.I also have the glitter sichuation. I loathe valentines day. Really it's just a corporate invention for the dumb male sapps to go out and buy flowers and candy and unneccesary jewelry items.Made to seem like a real holiday with concocted rationalzations about one (or several guys) named valentine who just happened to (all) die on feb 14th,writing a farewell letter to an obscure maiden signed "your Valentine". Which was right in the midst of *shock* a pagan fertility rite time. So the Catholic church decided to use the poor unfortunate sap to market their new and improved holiday( gosh that sound SO familiar, where did I hear that before....hmm?)Now they have the kiddies involved ( in a sexual fertility holiday where they used to slap women with goat flesh to hopefully help them get pregnant)and the schools participation.
I decided to stick it to that little greedy cherub and teach Girly to make her own from craft items we'd already get even if it wasn't Valentines month. We made 20 valentines in the floor...with glue, and confetti glitter. PG says we're going to cash in our movie tickets we got for christmas(yule, winter sol, I knew I'd heard that before!) and see the new movie "Definitly, maybe" on valentines/opening day. Which really means we're going to sit home and I'll probably make everyone pancakes in the shape of internal organs, since actually goiong out involved getting a sitter... Something we haven't done since Girly was 3 yrs old. Yeah thats 3 yrs ago people. I highly doubt it's gunna happen now. THese days getting a sitter means so much more than it did In my sitting years, back ground checks all around, shot records, anti sue paperwork, locking away any valuables if said sitter does inhome, plus coughing up an extra 20-30 bucks for 2 hrs of funky seats and stale popcorn sans child.
Happy goat slapping folks. And just think when your done, you can throw 'em on the grill YUM. I'm going to sweep the fairy guts out of my carpet now. I may be bak to post a picture of my socks later, though I make no garontees. Also sorry for the mucho spelling errors, the spell check thinger doesn't work on my page, It hasn't since the third post I made on here.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

power of 7

Okay Dee tagged me for power of 7 , basically I have to write up 7 things about me, and then send it to seven other people. Really I don't think I kow 7 other bloggers, I read quite a few, but I don't really know them enough to tag them politely. But I'll do my best.
1. I love socks, but I hate wearing them. I am thouroghly enjoyimg making my scalloped socks, and I worry that I may only wear them once or twice because of my loathing for the wearing of the sock. I love all types and colours of them, I usually buy socks in fun patterns and stuff, I just can't seem to keep them on my feet for more than a few hrs.
2. I'm a farm girl, half my life I was raised on a farm, I would love to have one some day. Even though I cannot grow a thing. Really I can kill cacti.
3. I would rather read than watch TV, I really could do with out a tv in my home. Physics Guy would probably DIE without one so he's the only reason we have it.
4. I get incredibly lonely at home during the day when everyone is out,I have to crank the radio player so it's loud enough so I don't feel alone. But when they're home I wish I had peace and quiet.
5. I like to sing ALOT , but I can't do it in front of anyone else. Not even PG. I freak out and clam up. the last time I sang in public I was 12 yrs old and I still went to church.
6. I used to get kicked out of many sunday schools as a small child for having religious debates with the teachers. I usually won. I am now Agnostic/Athiest.
7. I love liver, any liver, my favorite is a smoked ground liver concoction called braunwswageir(sp?) it smells like cat breath, but I love it. It is so good with provalone cheese and miricle whip

my sexy 7 are:(okay I only have 5 so far, but really I don't have alot of people who I know that have blogs)I'll add more as they come:P
impossible princess

Friday, February 8, 2008

Shallow Guilty Pleasures

Okay I admit it, I watch Janice Dickenson modeling agency, and Real Housewives. I used to want to be a model before I had Girly, now I just want to take a bloody bath in peace. So I wach these foolish young guys and gals persuing their dreams and excersicing themselves silly. I love Janice though, she's like a mother hen. If I had actually gotten to model She would be the agent I would want. though I'd probably kick Peter in the nads. I watch house wives for the trainwreck factor, and I've kinda gotten attached to Laurie, she's a REAL real chick. I think it's good to have a few fluff topics to think about. It keeps you from being too cynical, and serious. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, whether a mindless tv show, or a chocolate cake that you hide from the kids, or a rather pricey skein of yarn that you relly shouldn't have bought but did anyway. What's youre guilty pleasure?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

wasted time

I have not done much today A friend sent me a link to a website where you take a picture of yourself and they scan it and match you up facially with celebs who look like you
this is me without makeup on, becareful of your eyes they may burn out. Girly got matched with Shirley temple, Jessica Alba, Kate hudson and a few others. I have been playing on there ALL MORNING LONG scanning every picture I have on my computer. the one I have of my ladies group I scanned, Carolyn and Katie were BOTH matched with Grace Kelly, THE Grace Kelly, with runners up Sheryl Crowe and Annette Benning. Sally, yes you girl your best mathes were: AnnaSophia Robb and miz Cindy Crawford. Go Go hott mamma:P and these were just the beginning, I rolled out alot of crappy photos for fun, and the precious few of Physics Guy, My Mom at her wedding, who got the closest match to some big named celebs.

Needless to say I was an addict all day, and got only a couple loads of dishes and laundry done. butMan I had a good time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Crazy Tuesday * edit

Life is chaotic in the best of times. Sometimes we have to rool with it and let nature take it's course. And other times we have to get a helping hand back on our feet. Toady epitomizes these things. I found out that my cousin who was in a terrible wreck, after only a week in the hospital with NO surgery is back home and recovering well. Our tarantula molted agonizingly slowly,

Part of me wanted to help her out, but There are sometimes in life where you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride, Or you end up ripping off a leg or two. And now my doggie, 15 yrs young:P weeing blood. like BLOOD not tinge. fortunatly now it's stopped , the vet is running tests as I type. Honestly there is not a more humbling experince than running after a dog around the neighbourhood trying to catch wee with a Steel mixing bowl. HURRAH!, it is no more than a simple UTI( urinary tract infection) thank goodness, but, It's a good thing we went, Apparently He's somehow picked up a very rare butt parasite, that's only transmitted through raccoons. WTH, Which begs the ? where the heck did he come in contact with a raccoon at? Falcons and binnies are the only wildlife I've seen near my yard...Wierd.
I voted this morning before the puppy issues, I was sad when I saw Edwards was still on the ballot, I felt a bit like I was betraying him by skimming past his name to poke Obama's check mark. like maybe If I voted for him he'd say HEY someone still voted for me, I guess I'll run after all. Which I know is BS, but still. It sucked.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Firefigher chili

I thought a fun Addition to my blog would be a recipie of the month, something seasonal, that would go well with the weather. Today's recipie is My favorite chile:

1 Lb ground sirloin 8 oz dryed Kidney beans
one each: purple onion, large tomato, bell pepper, habanero pepper (diced all)
about two tsp of dried basil or chopped fresh
about 1 1/2 tsp of chopped garlic
16 ox tomato sauce
6 oz tomato paste
one T of schiracha hot sauce or what ever chile sauce you may have.
one bottle of Guiness beer Stout or extra Stout
1 inch cube of chocolate, bakers for stout /sweetened for extra stout

Boil your beans and soak them as directed on the bag in enough water to cover them and then about two more inches(if you are using a large pot) If you aren't using a large pot, for pete's sake go to the store and get one, you'll need it.CHilli doesn't like being made in small portions.
add all ingredients save the paste, and one cup of water.
Check and stir every 30 min adding more water if neccesary, I usualy add another cup before the beans are nice and mushy.
Once beans are a nice mushyness add paste and one paste-can of water, stir and salt. hopefully you have made the cornbread and also gotten cheese from the store while this was cooking, because these are the best things to have with this chili.
Or if you're an 80's child like me, a nice vat of french fries and nacho sauce work fabulously too.
Please don't omit the Guinness for miller or bud, it doesn't work. Only Guiness seems to work for this recipie. If you want to use American beer, use Hersheys chocolate not bakers. I don't know why, but that's how it is, at least when I make it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Cupcakes And Coffee

9 ish am:
we had such a fun time last night , the girls and I. The lovely bead selling lady was at the shop too. Carolyn had a fabulous Idea to get her to make some beaded stitch markers. something I would never have thought of since well I use pop tabs as st. markers. not because I can't afford them. I actually think I have two bags around here somewhere. But hell they are free with purchase of my soda. I'm a cheap girl,

2:30 give or take pm:
bla bla bla doea ERUEKA!
make itstop
Oh my sorry, no I haven't lost my mind ,just figuring out how to use blog text. My eyeballs hurt from reading all this html jargon.My friend Sally wanted to know how to use it. And now I am trying to figure it out more too. Physics Guy knows all kinds of computer stuff,ESCPECIALLY html. But I am too proud to ask him to teach e. No I want to learn it on my own. It sucks to ask the person you are married to and KNOW they have not an utter Idea how to wash whites versus well hell wash anything at all, how to do anything you don't know. SO my eyes are bleeding and I am learning on my own.

I made a batch of cupcakes for the kiddos at school today, no frosting at all, they got to frost them and make them into ground hogs At School. And I got to spent the day with them. and then I spent the whole ride home explaining that the GH doesn't REALLy make it spring or winter, it's just a superstition based on if he wants a mate yet or if he wants to sleep some more. Nothing to do with weather prediction.I love her teacher, I swear, she reminds me of an older adult version of Girly. I got to play teachers assistant and watch half the kiddos during library time. It was fun but not my thing for a daily grind. I could not be a teacher, the eternal sunshineyness, the kids who insist on bitching about so and so taking THEIR glue. the sticky little hands, and not being able to hug the huggy kids. I think I hugged like 3 kids today not including my own offspring. And they KNOW when you're not a teacher that you'll break the no huggs rule. how can you not? you're a mom. That's like telling a baker he can't make pies. so they gather around you "hug ME hug ME, " I applaude teachers every where for their stamina.