Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to Survive A Riot

Today when I opened IE to my Google homepage I saw " gas hits...Record High" and right under it in the how to section: "how to survive a riot". Coincidence? maybe, but at 3.60 a gallon not for long. I may be the only one rioting but, Sweet jesus on a surfboard man! It's not like I go out to eat, buy new clothes or jewelry. I can barley afford the pick five for $20 meat special at the butcher. If we didn't have PG's job supported retirement thingy we'd not have anything by the time we're his parents age. What happened to 1.30 per gallon milk being"too high" and bread at 60c a loaf? I am sick of this war, sick of this recession that"isn't a recession", and I'm sick and damn tired of relying on oil for everything. I'm not just blaming Bush Either. We've ben kissing ass in the mid east for decades Knowing our sustenance relies on their oily whims. WHen we finally as a country get a clue, it's still going to take years and $$$ to make any sort of renewable alternative work and to get the oil giants here in the states to allow it to be mass distributed. Not to mention the $$$ and time for it to trickel down to the lower classes being able to afford a new car that runs on the stuff. It's not like I am looking for a way to get a Porsche, and Gucci shoes for a pittance, I just want to be able to buy my kid a freaking pack of undies without having to eat beans and rice for three nights to afford them.
Some people may question why I have internet if I am broke? Well it came with my phone package TYVM, and It's really the only way to talk to my mum and brother when a phonecall to austrialia costs about $20 for an hour. All my family is long distance, so I can send picturesvia the internet without having to pay more for gas, and $$ to go to the shop and get them developed. then $30 more to ship them overseas only to be LOST on the cargo ship for 2 months again. I'm trying to get a garden going to offset some of the grocery costs, but when It costs so much to get the supplies some days I just want to scream. Ecspecially when half of what I plant dies before fruition.
I'm tired people. tired. And it's only getting worse.

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