Friday, May 30, 2008


my little kitty boy is soo spoiled, he thinks he's a people:
If he goes to sleep with me he expects me to be there when he gets up or else he cries and cries for me until I come to give him head rubs. Then he goes right back to sleep amongst the boobies.

I will wright more later, I am not feeling well, and I had to post these to show off on Ravelry. More to the kitty story and some yarnage soon

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knitta Time

So I've been really busy on knitting when I am not giving kitten massage/ supervision. I have two make up bags one knit and one crochet.

I am still on my two socks, since one of them somehow turned mobius on me,and thus had to be frogged back. and the other I am painstakingly writing the pattern with fixes to the parts I don't really like

I'm sitting here writing one-handed b/c Einstein is in my lap for a foot massage. Note the baldness of the leg: his range of motion is getting better every day, just in small doses. he's So energetic its hard to get him stillfor A massage. Yesterday I was surfing the news with my toes, loving him so he'd stay still for his PT. I tell ya, if PG hadn't had a background in medical I would have gone berserk calling the vet every day about his leg. He's eating my elbow now, I just realized I've been rubbing the wrong durn leg. Which I should know better, his bad one is the same as Physics Guy's. I like to call them Gimpy one and Gimpy two. I wonder if he still has his external tens unit around here... that could be helpful. basically it stimulates the nerves and makes them feel better.I forget the particulars when I've only got a few hrs spread out of sleep all night.
Here I am talking kitty when I'm supposed to be talking knitty. I am investigating on how to do A knitted steering wheel cover for my car. The wheel itsself is so old it's turning sticky.Ok it's attached to a '93 caprice so... I can't find a store bought one that I like enough to buy. I think wool or cotton would be practical since it will be in a hot car and thus subject to melting if made with acrylic. I also haveAnother tempting top to make for my SIL. And Lace things I'm fantasising about as well.
I'm also loving how well my nails look in these pictures. Any one who knows me KNOWS they don't look this nice IRL. I always have some sort of dirt/ chipping funk about them. but shh don't tell.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Scarlet A

When I first put the Scarlet A on my blog, I didn't realize how accurate it was to the truth of my experience as an atheist. Being newly "out" I never felt alot of persecution...Of course I never VOICED my feelings on the subject of religion. I had friends of many faiths. I pride myself on the fact that I can tolerate people whether I agree with their personal faith or not. I just Didn't Talk about religion with them. However, when I come to a person, who says they can handle what I like to call "My personal truths versus their own" for a more politically correct phrasing, I don't hold back. I speak honestly when I choose to speak. Sometimes people cannot handle it...Even when sometimes they say they can. This blog Is my private place for my thoughts. Granted I share them with the world, it is not nor WILL it ever be censored. Here I can stop and take the time to gather my thoughts and tongue, And I can say how I feel with out being interrupted and distracted. I don't always have the time, or verbal ability to put out what I want to say. I am A writer, I gather my words like wool, And I knit them into a coherent fabric on paper, or as the case may be in text. Sometimes my grammar is sub par, But if one can get past that they will see the greater picture I am trying to show. My voice has been stifled so many years, my opinions never counting, why should I be silenced any more? Now that I am un ashamed of my thoughts and feelings I see that in some circumstances they are only tolerated when they aren't shown/voiced. Tolerance is a two way street, I listen though I may not agree, and unless it is in the context of acknowledged debate I do not get offended, nor interrupt. I expect the same in turn. Sometimes, that is not reciprocated. And thus my scarlet A, being shunned because others cannot handle MY word As I kindly handle theirs. Even when I want to scream, Even those I love like family. Now I see, only in the company of like minded people can I be my true self. I will never shut up and sit down. I will never be silenced, not by and man or woman ever again. The things I have to say may not always be happy sunshiney knit and cat stuff. Sometimes it may challenge the beliefs of those I hold dear. That is me, who I am, that is LIFE. Filled with pain, growth, and movement, life is a challenge. I proudly wear my Scarlet A, And I hope to one day find others like me, who I can sit with in real life.. not just online. I'm only 22 years old, there's plenty of time yet. Until then my friends, Good night.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Roundworms are bad, nasty little critters. I have the Girl cats shut in the back room so they don't poop all over the house and spread it. I don't believe any one else has them, people or dog wise. Doggo Is safe thanks to his heart guard, which I didn't know also protects against other intestinal parasites. Yea heart guard! I need to get some more form the vet :( I may see if DR. Betz has any since she is super doc. Einstein is driving me nuts because he wants like mad to run and play, but his back half doesn't work so well right now from the catheter/weakness/drugs. I was his chauf-fur to all the places in the house he wanted to go holding his back legs and following him around. He's back in the kennel now pissed off, but resting. he has NO fur on his rump, which completly shows just how scrawny he is compared to the illusion of largeness his mega fur gives. Those little buggers ate him up so quick. At least he's eating and pottying well now. I am trying to not super freak out because they had been all sleeping in Girly's bed with her. We've been cleaning up her room so I can disinfect it. It's way late so I can't do any more tonight. OMB I am so tired. I don't even want to go into the other drama in my life right now. I just want to sleep and let kitty boy get better.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturdays Suck

My poor kitty. Einstien (the boy) got sick this morning. he couldn't stand his gums were pure white, and he was getting to the point of limb stiffness and tremours. I called every vet in camden, and let me say NOW and forever the vet service here is pure SHIT. If you EVER have to get a vet, get one from jax and suffer through the 45 minute drive, bad traffic, and all the rest or do the traveling chick who incedentally is ALSO from Jax.. the one vet who I got ahold of today told me to give him honey to raise his glucose and he'd be fine. GLU...effing COSE, which BTW has nothing to do with anemia/blood issues other than diabeties. I called him back and he gave me the run around for 20 precious minutes about how "hard it was to do a transfusion on a cat" that I insisted upon, until he finally addmitted he had family stuff to do and he was NOT coming in under and means. I could have handled it had he said it first off. all the other ones told me under NO means was I to worm treat or de bug them until 12 weeks minimum nor the mother, exept one who gave her some stuff that almost killed HER. which brought on said condition. We had to drive to jacksonville to the ER for a blood transfusion. His poor little blood count was down to 5% He's such a trooper though, He fought me all the way down there and the nurses too. they de wormed, de flea'd and juiced him up for a grand tally of our whole bi-weekly paycheck. We gladly paid after being there for 4 1/2 hrs. with alot of other pet owners in worse conditions than ours. He's staying overnight for observation, and we have to go pick him up in the morning. It rained like mad the whole way home. I felt sick as hell with my car sickness and eating a giant hot dog in under a minute IN the car. I can not knit whilst riding in the rain, freaks me out, the thought of impalment form a rain soaked crash. Physics Guy had to drive, plus he had physical therapy YESTERDAY, so he's tore up from the drive and the wait. But Einstein (clearly) is his baby and no cost would be spared, even if he has to stay home and pill it up for the whole holiday weekend. The dr. was outstanding, I want to take him home and distribute his clones to the other vet's offices. the only thing I don't get is Einstein was super all week long, chasing stuff, and playing, I even took him to school and Taro's and he was hopping all over the car.Then Whammo today he was so close to death. Needless to say after 700 bucks he is not going home with any one else. When he finaly gets old and crusty and kicks it, I'm keeping him as a cat doily I don't care.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ah , missouri

Only in missouri would you get a $250.00 gift card to a gun shop with you vehicle purchase. one dealer is actually giving the option of gas cards or guns with purchase.really see I lived there for about two years outside of springfield. I was about 12 I think. we used to ride our bikes in the storm drains to cross free ways and those things were HUGE. All the homeless folks would set up communities in there, old beds, dressers, one guy had a mini fridge in there. For what use I have no Idea, it's not like there were outlets( though I wouldn't have been surprised). the main reason why we rode around in them and disturbed the homeless people was because If you did actually get brave( or stupid) enough to ride on the side of the road/sidewalk or bike paths the endearing motorists would TRY and swerve to hit you. No shit, I knew people who would be riding along to thier granny's house and get smacked in the back of the head with a phone book, slushie, or the token stick. the added bonus was the coolness of having a mini mart next door, we'd go there and buy a bunch of V8 bottles and see who could drink one down the fastest. This was of course before the tasty new "berry blends" and strawberry banana ones. Nope we had those nasty veg only ones that tasted like tomatoes, carrots and feet. I reemeber one day our bike posse rode up and the police(locally known as "the po-po")were there. Turns out some kid had wondered around the store poking packages of meats up his shirt. The lady din't want to get him in trouble as was going to let him have some of the meats , because I mean If you're stealing meats thre's generally a HUNGER issue. she asked him to pull out said product...kid had like 200 bucks worth of meat in his the early 90's in rural missouri, that's a shitton of meat! We didn't know the poor kid unfortunatly. If we had known him we would have totally hooked him up with foodage. One of the guys' gran lived about a block down from us. I swear She was the inspiration for Cartmans mom. "Hi kids, you want some cookies? I got roast in the oven you go eat those cookies and come back in 10 minutes It'll be ready" she had 10 kids at any given time at her house. She would call in poeple off the street "yall want some snap peas and sausage?" "I got some sun tea a'brewin" I loved gran. and most of my friends' families were the same way, my house was the icecream/popsicle house, because my mom cooked like a prison chef.
when my dad went completly nutters and held my brother hostage in the house and the swat team cometh, my posse were all there. They hid us out at their house while the boys tried to talk Rick into leting Bub out. There may be some crazy, gun toting, bible belt types up there, but there's also alot of butt kickin', stranger feeding, wonderful ones too. P.S. guns are very usefull, I am totally NOT anti gun. 'specially since SAlly's squirrels have come to my house. I have a 22 cal....I wonder if the rabbit ears would be over kill? probably.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not hate, just Indifference


The one main question or statement(as it comes in many formats) I get after telling people I'm an atheist is" why are you angry with god/ why do you hate God, or the much more common:"I feel you're angry with god". I am so totally NOT angry with god. And while I'm on it, if I were which one would I choose? Or maybe I could be angry with them all, but really that's a lot of fairy dust to be pointlessly angry with. No not angry, just indifferent. You see most people commonly misplace the opposite of Love with anger, when in fact anger assumes belief in said god. I however do not. So you see :indifference. Do not love, nor hate because I am confident there is nothing to feel emotion towards. The religious talks I end up eventually having with people have become like a recording to me. Same arguments, different formats.
Their personal God is not vengeful, doesn't smite the wicked,helps and heals, and is a jovial grandpa kinda guy. Yet they all read from the same book as the next person which states all about how thy should kill those (women) who sleep around, eat shellfish, or don't believe the same religious jargon as them. Also if you can say: "oh well this passage can't apply now, that was just the TIMES then." I'm sorry, throw the whole thing in the trash, because the same goes for the rest of it. I can not believe in something in a book that has been ripped apart and put back together half way and slipshod like some tinker toy from their hell more than a dozen times in the past century alone. and isn't really even written by said deity, I mean jeez dude omnipresent, get off your duff and write it yourself. It's not like you're actually doing something. These days if God tells you to write a book on how to kill people you don't like and rape their women, And condones sacrificing your children you go to either the funny farm or prison. Who knows that these boneheads hundreds of yrs ago didn't belong in the same place? Some where I read once the only difference between Christianity and the scientologists of today is about 2000 years. I concur. Back then you cold spout enough BS and get enough people to follow you and poof you're a religion. Sometimes all it takes is a good con and a charismatic personality, hey look at all these get rich quick schemes thousands get into every day. Same concept, you work your tail off give them your money/faith, con others into it and you get a fancy car/eternal life/ one million dollars, only to be miserable and irritating and come up with less than you started with. The old "there's a coin in your ear" trick didn't work on me as a kid, it still doesn't now, sorry.( not really)
Another argument is the old: well what kind of morals can you teach your kids without god, all the ones you say are made by us. Like there's some bloody patent on not running stark naked through the streets stabbing people. Common decency is not a religious value. Most definitely not, otherwise you would see a lot less hate mongering towards gays, non religious, and people who don't like (insert your religious holiday here) My morals are as follows:
(1) don't do things that could potentially harm yourself, others, or make ME want to kick your butt.
(2) learn all you can, and do your best so you will be wise enough to make the world a better place.
(3) help people when you can if you can,
(4) wipe front to back
(5) chew with your mouth closed
You see even less than the 10 commandments. Pretty simple stuff really, doesn't even need to come with an omnipresent figurehead.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knit night

Taro's is not going to be open for our usual knit night, as the owner is going out of town. Any ideas on another location (if we still want to have it) are welcome. so far we have: The sweetest thing, or we could just go out to somewhere and eat or, we could do an early one@ four clock, whatever. I would say at my house, but I've had weird heart problems today and have been to freaked and don't want to speed clean when It's acting funny and rupture something. I am not having pains just like a heavy beat where it takes my breath every few beats. I'm at 120/60 sec. which is not BAd , actually more in the normal range, but Higher than my average which is low. I took some asprin and A nap, but I'm still a bit jitery. I think it's because I'd been going and going all morning until about 3 and then a nice lull where I could sit around confused it a little. but then I also am not a DR. the only other different thing I did today was : dye my hair. I WAS SUPPOSED TO have dyed it back my natural color, but as I found out later from another parent/hair dresser/ MAN. I was only supposed to leave BROWN on for 10 minutes not the 25 I usually go for with the red. so now I am uber goth. Which it's kinda growing on me after the surprise of the darkness wore off. I def. feel the purple highights I'm thinking about could only complement this look, though the flash does pick up the red highlights alot

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today is a very boring typical day, not much going on. Dishes, and vaccuming yuck. So instead I will tell you about my Monday.
Yesterday Girly got an award of some sort at school. Not really sure FOR what, but she got one of those obscure awards the schools give out with wonky names. She's "tigerific" whatever that is. Even She has no clue what it means, but she's durn proud of it. After the awards and a pot of joe, and a rather large can of soda I had to well...GO. So of course I went to the ONE stall that had the broken lock, I figured I could jimmy it closed and back open. The closing of said lock worked, However the OPENING of it required a rather large chunk of my forefinger to be ripped open evidenly. But much to my credit I did not cuss like a raving loon. Which Is good, because I was in an elementary school bathroom with about 20 odd Snowflakes whose parents would probably have shit if they had been exposed to foul language. The nurse gave me a lovely bandaid and I got back in time for the spirit stick thing, where if you don't have elementary kids is where each class in turn screams bloody murder to see who has more "school spirit". I want to know who pays for the hearing aids. The school system is funny here, they say under GOD, sing religious based stuff, yet at the pep rallys play " goodies," that stupid"bananas" song by gwen stephani and some hip hop stuff that I feel naughty for playing in the vicinity of small ones. I swear I was expecting "shake ya ass" or "the thong song"(which they DID play at PG's high school dances)to come on at any moment. Makes me giggle every time. But at least it did make me feel a bit less uncomfortable at the thought of my last encounter with the principal in publix with me holding a case of beer, and two bottles of wine...on a monday, wearing sweat pants. I swear that guy looks like an older DR. Drew from loveline, but he SOUNDS like DR. Phil.
But onward PG grilled so I have a mssive amount of dishes to do, since washing them is not part of grilling, basically all that is is slapping the stuff on the grill and turning it periodically. my job is prep, and clean up. woohoo.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not a weekend blog (Or) GET OFF MY LAWN

I usually don't blog on the weekends, but I have nothing else to do so why not. Actually I do but still. I did finish Para-pro's scarf in it's ribboned glory, with great efforts made to have minimal twisting in the ribbon. I planted the raspberry twigs Sally so graciously gave me Friday. Three near my garden on the back fence and one near Girly's window with some plastic lattice I've had for centuries quite a while. The other two are still in the pot since I have enormous amounts of de-rooting to do where I am going to kill plant them. In the meantime I have been whacking away at my negligent neighbour's trees. Yes, a neighbour more negligent than me, please hold the applause. This guy bought the land for some unknown reason, COMPLETELY fenced it off and lets it run wild and hairy into and over MY yard. It was atop my house as well until I threatened lawsuits if his shit fell on my house and killed my child during an (inevitable )hurricane. He promptly called the tree service people. But to the now: there's a row along the fenceline of gangly shit trees( gum) and oak( terribly allergic, complete with nosebleeds) draping themselves over the fence and into my garden, life and the general vicinity of my vehicles. SOOO I am clipping and sometimes jig sawing the little buggers down. Mostly just the offending branches...mostly. Being as I am short and all, my tree trimming accessories are: an old pool ladder, hand saw, pruner's shears, and a dog leash. Basically I tie the leash to the offending branch, pin it to the fence with the other end and hack away until the non trespassing limb goes bouncing back to it's own side. I need a hatchet... or maybe a high powered long armed chainsaw.MMMmmm Oh and I'm usually standing on the pool ladder at the time of this process.
I have gone a bit crazy in the heat and planted ALOT of greens near my back porch, in the side yard and More in the garden. I spent much time over the weekend yelling a the dog/kids/hubby to "get out of the seedlings!" Hubby STEPPED IN MY BED. WTF!?
his reasoning" What, there's nothing there? I stepped inbetween the tomatoes. " Yeah right on top of thier roots. With your size 12 clods. Bonehead. The tomatoes despite thier rootsmashing, are looking better since I dashed a bit of lime in the soil. Evidently COMPLETE veg. potting soil is'nt as complete as they say. , I have cantalope sprigs coming up in the garden and in the pear tree dirt, along with the caladiums that I gave up on. I figured the dirt is so good and wormy under there I had to grow SOMETHING and since the caladiums werent growing I'd plant the cantalopes there. as soon as I plannted them I noticed little dog claws poing up out of the dirt. Having had bulbs before I knew(and the location helped) these were the forgotten Calads. We shall see who lives and who dies once they get going. Now I just have to WAIT. ugh

Friday, May 16, 2008

new socks

So I finished a top secret project( or not so top secret if you know me IRL) A WISP wrap from knitty in mohair for Girly's teacher. AND I got my sock yarn in on wednesday. I've got one sock done for my seaside socks ( don't know if this is another pattern's name too) that I fashioned up, I will add pictures to this in the morning of it since the lighting around here sucks at nighttime. As most knitters and certain chips I cannot have just One, so I am also working on a sock(pair) using an english quilt cabling as my secondary project with the blue Plymouth DK sock yarn.
I have to say I don't know which pattern I like more. I am loving the way the slip stitch cableing is giving two different colourways to the Quilt sock, AND I love the light rib the lobster cabling gives the seaside sock. I'm not sure quite how I feel about the colour pattern in the yarn on that one though, I think It would have been better suited for a diagonal rib patern or some such because the colour patterns sort of blob( forgive me unknowledge of the 'technical' term) in a spiraling fashion around the sock in a green-blue and green-yellow like those spiral string cheeses you buy at the store(MOMS will know what I mean)

In any case I am being terribly naughty because I am SUPPOSED to be working on a ribbon scarf for the para-pro at school so she doesn't feel slighted that I made the teacher something and not her too. I am restraining myself from also making something for the other coaches-helpers etc too because, well that's a frightful lot of people for one weeks worth of knitting time before the school term ends.
I am considering what to start next already because I would like to start a booth at the local market for fun just to see what all I can sell in the south where it comes to knitting. I'm thinking bags and simple scarves and maybe some baby things to start , and sell around july(the next one).I'm not looking for a business or anything jsut a fun time and maybe a few dollars in my pocket on my own terms to do yarny things with as I please. They have the market one a month to start and they may do it more often once they get it going and If it turns out well. Here's hoping it does as I am in desperate need of some local growers/talent/goodies to entertain myself with:P
AS AN added bonus I am SUPER exited to have met OL A pattern designer for litle things like socks and scarves etc. Who said she would let me do some pattern testing for her. YEA! I obviously can't blog/picture those one I get into it, but hey it'll be great fun and I love new ideas and puzzles. Plus when I see it on ravelry I can smile and think to my self "hey I tested that, I hope (s)he likes it!" I'm weird like that.

Hurrah California

G/L marraige is legal again ( for Cali residents). One hopes it sticks this time. It absolutly boggles to think that changing the terminology to "domestic partnership " soothes the minds of the rightwing traditionalists. I never did get that. call it what it is. And finally THey are! I mean really lets be honest the only thing "disrupting traditional marraige" is the nonsense the involved parties of each marraige do to end it, be it cheating, abuse, not hanging the laundry up, whatever. Someone elses marraige has jack to do with how your own turns out.

i'm Tired, sick and tired actually.

Of what? Well Of homosexuality being compared to beastiality, and pediphilia and then 'justified by disscribing them all as"carnal sins" or murder as A "sin in general".
I'm sick of intolerant bigotry being disguised as "faith". I'm tired of A Book's words being twisted and distorted to fit a sick selfrighteous agenda. I'm sick of feeling sad, and appaled by the constant flow of ignorance, when there are books and sites of a nonpolitical/religious stance where you can learn things. I'm tired of being hyjacked by "you're bad, but not really, but youreallyare, but im gunna word it so it looks like im not saying it, but you are, but I'm not judgeing ."types. I'm not speaking of any one in particular, just that I can't take it any more. It's one thing to debate theology, and quite another to be a bigot. righteous or not. the KKK thought THEY were righteous in thier G-D's Eyes, so did hitler, and the guys in the holy wars. Doesn't make it so. But alas HIndsight is always 20-20. And it doesn't stop the bashings,suicides, and killings that are happening now. Even if you may not DO them , or publicly"condone" them you're contributing to the hate if you pirvatly condone. and you may as well be right in there with the bad guys kicking and spitting on that little 15 yr old gay boy or girl. or burning that cross in the bi racial family's yard. or throwing that wiccan family out of thier neighbourhood. Bigotry is a frame of mind, Acting on it may well be what gets you thrown in JAil, but the hate is the same hate and it disgusts me. may not be black/white, but it's the same hate.
SO let the G/L communities have marriage and divorce if they want it. it isn't stopping you from having your own. If you have problems see a counselor, don't hate on people who are happy in their marriages.
This counrty is far ahead in so many things, and yet at the same time so very far behind. be it national health care, GLBT rights, or sanity in general, it's nice to see a bit of global intellegence streaming over to our country, one day (soon I hope) it'll trickle on down to the rest of us and more people will be able to openly show their true feelings without being afraid of attack or isolation. But for now YEA CALIFORNIA!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New layout, New post

So I changed my template. I FINally agonizingly got the colours Just so, and then I noticed My damn side bar is at the bottom. What the hell kinda SIDE bar is at the BOTTOM!?! I hate that, but I also do not want to go throughthe painstaking process of colou/font/size and other bs again tonight. crap I'm gunna haveto do it in the morning. It's almost 11pm. If any of my readers have a good place to find templates pretty please send it my way. I Needs one to match my pretty yarn header pic. I am in a pink and black mood. Also I totally busted up my hand hoeing the pepper beds today. Grass is the closest to evil there is. I swear I was hoeing concrete. If I'd had a bit of forethought I would have knitted myself some garden gloves. It's not like I don't have umpteen zillion yards of cotton on a cone in the yarn room. i've just been super busy with ACtual gardening and making stuff for other people that I havn't taken the time to figure out how to make those durn fingers on gloves to start I can totally make a bunch of in the round fingercovers (they look much like knitted condoms) I just don't get the hand to finger changeover thingy. Now It looks like I have hemmeroids on my hand. Only they don't hurt near as much under the calouses.( hands not bum) Gosh bum callouses, ouch that just sounds painfull... Come to think of it, I think I'll start calling irritating people THAT instead of my not-so-nice words I typically use for them.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AS promised

Pictures of my garden.

It's looking a bit bare as I am between cycles right now and the greens I planted in march are almost all eaten, and the new seedlings aren't quite big enough to capture on film. I am today working on the OTHER planter by my porch opposite the one with tomatoes in it. It'll look almost Identical but instead of tomatoes it will(hopefully ) have bell peppers in it.
And a yarn bag of kitten to seal the deal:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Mothers day booty, from a hubby who doesn't shop yarn:

Susan Bates 7 and 10 inch Double Point Needles 4 7in. double point
Plymouth Encore Sock DK 7518 skein 1
Plymouth Encore Sock DK 7521 skein 1
Plymouth Sockotta 617 ball 1
From of course :WEBS
The Only yarn store the Goddess frequents.
Hubby Got too confused looking at all the yarny goodness ANd so told me to pick what I wanted. Being budget conscious I desperately pried my eyes away from the fabulous

SHibui sock
and Plymoth happy feet
That's a bit over my current limit., Plus two pair as apposed to 4 AND needles, nuhuh. 'SPecially after going to Bonsai for supper with the Whole family. All in all A good mother's day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

One never Knows

YOu never know what you'll find at the beach. Girly and I went this morning as our own Mothers Day. Since we are spending Mothers day proper with PG's Mom. WE got up about 745 and got there by 8am. We even had a nice giggle at the expense of another driver on the way. You see I know ,being as I am friends with Many a police officer, That out of towners should NOT go over the speed limit. I was going my alloted 55mph and the person behind me figured HE would pass me and go about 90MPH....with a local PO about 100yrds up. The officer pulled out to get him as I was coming up to him. GIrly " GET 'EM! Get 'Em!!" hee hee. Once we got there we had a great time as there weren't many people there at all. about 10ish other people stared to flow in. One group of ladies had a camcorder and were sitting in front of me. when their bags got caught in the tide I chatted them up. Turns out the youngest was a knitter too and was admiring "the bikini from hell" wondering if I too was a knitter:)And as we were discussing what the best fibre to take on a beach excursion was"cotton versus fuzzy mohair, and sock weight over worsted or larger" Girly ran up and calmy told me she had squeezed something squishy in the water and now her thumb was burning. Good thing the teen lifeguards were there. They had some vinagar in a spritzer bottle to save the day. Girly was so disgusted with"that naughty jelly" that Our yarny conversation was cut short and Girly and I went onward to the farmers market off 8th street( only open on Saturdays from 9-2 pm FYI). We sampled fresh organic cheeses, and breads, etc. There was a man selling organic coffee beans, and a bunch of local produce, and flowers, We spent $30 on some dried bananas, blueberries,fresh crab cakes and surprisingly Girly who TOTALLY HATES olives Asked to buy a jar of organic olive/pimento/herb& anchovy dip that she LOVED. The guy gave her a sample, I figured the poor guy was about to get the worst review ever but she was all"Oh. MY. GOD. Mommy that is the best stuff EVER!" You really never know. So then we came home to have a nice picnic in the floor, and a LOONG nap.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm sorry, is this ELM street?

DUDE, I just met my new neighbour. I think possibly He might be a wee bit nutters. Possibly. I was minding my business walking doggo and he calls out hey my name is "blah blah something" ( I really have no clue I lost it about 2.5 minuets later, You'll see why)He was a bit twitchy, but then again so am I, so eh whatev. So we're chatting about the house, the gawd awful termites he found heavily imbedded in it. and Doggo is severly snuffling him.I give the back off command yet the snuffling continues( I figure 8ish in thew morning, the guy probably (a) has a dog at home in heat or (B) had a really tasty breakfast...For about five seconds "Oh , sorry about the pants I um got in an 'Altercation' last night." I look a bit more deeply at what I thought was alot of brown paint from painting the house But nyet, It was Blood. OMG I live A bishop's move from freddie! Which incedentally is right behind my monitor, so I'm sneaking little glances back there now looking for suspicious carpet rolls. I mean I little guts OK. Guys fight, they get wasted at the pub and fight, but crapola someone needs a transfusion.
MAybe I'm a tad overreacting. MAybe he likes a good pub brawl. Or maybe I'll just keep over here and keep a look out for stripey sweaters and funny smells. But then again those could BOTH be coming from My house...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pictures of stuff

Here are the aforementioned pictures of my top, with the scalloped/shell add ons. It's still a tad too stretchy but I guess that's what happens.
And for your viewing pleasure: a subtle kitten chomp on a leg. He's so cute, but Vicious!

A Bit of a more friendly Look here:

I know my Garden looks a bit ghetto with the bricks and torn garden paper, but I'm still working on It aesthetically. Frankly I just don't want the stuff to DIE. Making it pretty doesn't do much good until you're sure that you don't just have a giant sandbox. Making it pretty is my task for the day.(then it'll probably die on me) I'm going to show pictures of it once I get it decent, for now here's a picture of my Avocado tree and his little minty friends in their shared pot. Yea he's gunna need a new one soon!

Monday, May 5, 2008


I finally finished my "Tempting" top( at Sally's house. I still had a few finishing touches I added in pick up line today. I did not do the sleeving, In stead I increased by the 52 sts on each side and carried on with the yoke. I bound off the 12 sts underarm and SC around the bottom of the arm/yoke for added stability since I put it on Once and it mega streched. I also instead of the ribboned bow, crocheted a nice shell st border(in the lime green) on the top's neckline and folded two shells over each arm's first two rows so it has a squared look. I really like the diverseness this pattern can have. really it's so teribly simple I could do a bunch of them and come up with all sorts of add ons and things. I thought about one with puffed sleeves and one cabled instead of ribbed,and an embossed diamondy one. We've been talking alot of knitting today so it's all stuck in there clinging together. I also planted some peppers,cilantro and ginger Sally was kind enough to give me after my own pepper seeds failed to germinate and I think...maybe. that I see a few caladium babies under the pear tree, along with some pansies Girly threw out there to"keep them company". The onions are growing, the tomatoes still aren't dead , but I think I am about to kill a horrible pair of socks I am knitting from scratch. these suckers are irritating, I'm striping them with two colours and then they have a completeely differnt colour on the bottom. I . hate. these. socks. but they're for girly and they are cute, once I figure out this laptop thingy I will post pictures of the socks, and the top. Did I mention I also have another sock on .. oh wait TWO other socks on needles other than the pair I already have? yeah. and one pair has to be dyed after I finish the mate. but I like THOSE socks. I am making an effort on them. I just wanted to do this top first, and save the easy small knitting for toasty outside days. Anyhow, off to watch more mindless killing, because the graphics on this game are SOO kick ass( I can see the Rain bouncing off the puddles, and pants creases people!). Plus the plot is getting really interesting too.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Free to BLOG!

It's been a LONG weekend. First after a trip to the beach with 30 kindergardeners (okay 15 in our group) We had to take a raod trip to Valdosta to see my SIL graduate(colledge)...(again) I have never BEEN to VAldosta, I HAVE NEVER been on the wrong side of a map with No DISTINCT road signs to guide me. I was the map engineer on this trip....I also left my vat of coffee on the porch after dashing through the house for an hour trying (with NO LUCK) to find the damn cell phone. DId I mention I spent THE.WHOLE. DAY.with a bunch of 5-6 yr olds at the beach? WE ended up nearing jessup before I realized gee since the MAp didn't clearly define east or west until the 3RD PAGE(west) I used my powers of FInd the road sign logic to see the 'U.S.-some# east' sign to point and say "that way?" when asked left or right. It said to go left then right immediately. I TOLD HIM TO!!! of course it ALSO made us go in a wide circle around hwy 82 JUST to get back onto......HWY 82..the same freakin road!and after an hour of wasted time we gave up and went home. With the inlaws' camcorder in our trunk. they were less than thrilled. I however enjoyed an evening of alcohol and prep -H. It kinda reminded me of Gilligans island. A three hour tour BACK to rural Georgia. Which is kinda like the lost island on there, only we don't have coconuts and great radio reception. I spent all of yesterday diging out a 4 by 5foot space for some onions and tomatoes, transplanting the roots, tubers and grass to the ginormous hole that is my driveway and rolling out paper to keep the grass from running back up in the garden when I sleep. At least I got to eat at the japanese steakhouse for supper since I was too tired to cook:)
PG is out buying laptop for himself with the rescession money, which is yeah for me. I might actually get to blog on the weekends now. though I would settle for watching him play Timeshift all weekend. That game is AWESOME!!. well okay he's back. bye for now, might blog tomorrow .
we'll see...