Sunday, May 25, 2008


Roundworms are bad, nasty little critters. I have the Girl cats shut in the back room so they don't poop all over the house and spread it. I don't believe any one else has them, people or dog wise. Doggo Is safe thanks to his heart guard, which I didn't know also protects against other intestinal parasites. Yea heart guard! I need to get some more form the vet :( I may see if DR. Betz has any since she is super doc. Einstein is driving me nuts because he wants like mad to run and play, but his back half doesn't work so well right now from the catheter/weakness/drugs. I was his chauf-fur to all the places in the house he wanted to go holding his back legs and following him around. He's back in the kennel now pissed off, but resting. he has NO fur on his rump, which completly shows just how scrawny he is compared to the illusion of largeness his mega fur gives. Those little buggers ate him up so quick. At least he's eating and pottying well now. I am trying to not super freak out because they had been all sleeping in Girly's bed with her. We've been cleaning up her room so I can disinfect it. It's way late so I can't do any more tonight. OMB I am so tired. I don't even want to go into the other drama in my life right now. I just want to sleep and let kitty boy get better.

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