Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturdays Suck

My poor kitty. Einstien (the boy) got sick this morning. he couldn't stand his gums were pure white, and he was getting to the point of limb stiffness and tremours. I called every vet in camden, and let me say NOW and forever the vet service here is pure SHIT. If you EVER have to get a vet, get one from jax and suffer through the 45 minute drive, bad traffic, and all the rest or do the traveling chick who incedentally is ALSO from Jax.. the one vet who I got ahold of today told me to give him honey to raise his glucose and he'd be fine. GLU...effing COSE, which BTW has nothing to do with anemia/blood issues other than diabeties. I called him back and he gave me the run around for 20 precious minutes about how "hard it was to do a transfusion on a cat" that I insisted upon, until he finally addmitted he had family stuff to do and he was NOT coming in under and means. I could have handled it had he said it first off. all the other ones told me under NO means was I to worm treat or de bug them until 12 weeks minimum nor the mother, exept one who gave her some stuff that almost killed HER. which brought on said condition. We had to drive to jacksonville to the ER for a blood transfusion. His poor little blood count was down to 5% He's such a trooper though, He fought me all the way down there and the nurses too. they de wormed, de flea'd and juiced him up for a grand tally of our whole bi-weekly paycheck. We gladly paid after being there for 4 1/2 hrs. with alot of other pet owners in worse conditions than ours. He's staying overnight for observation, and we have to go pick him up in the morning. It rained like mad the whole way home. I felt sick as hell with my car sickness and eating a giant hot dog in under a minute IN the car. I can not knit whilst riding in the rain, freaks me out, the thought of impalment form a rain soaked crash. Physics Guy had to drive, plus he had physical therapy YESTERDAY, so he's tore up from the drive and the wait. But Einstein (clearly) is his baby and no cost would be spared, even if he has to stay home and pill it up for the whole holiday weekend. The dr. was outstanding, I want to take him home and distribute his clones to the other vet's offices. the only thing I don't get is Einstein was super all week long, chasing stuff, and playing, I even took him to school and Taro's and he was hopping all over the car.Then Whammo today he was so close to death. Needless to say after 700 bucks he is not going home with any one else. When he finaly gets old and crusty and kicks it, I'm keeping him as a cat doily I don't care.

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