Friday, May 16, 2008

new socks

So I finished a top secret project( or not so top secret if you know me IRL) A WISP wrap from knitty in mohair for Girly's teacher. AND I got my sock yarn in on wednesday. I've got one sock done for my seaside socks ( don't know if this is another pattern's name too) that I fashioned up, I will add pictures to this in the morning of it since the lighting around here sucks at nighttime. As most knitters and certain chips I cannot have just One, so I am also working on a sock(pair) using an english quilt cabling as my secondary project with the blue Plymouth DK sock yarn.
I have to say I don't know which pattern I like more. I am loving the way the slip stitch cableing is giving two different colourways to the Quilt sock, AND I love the light rib the lobster cabling gives the seaside sock. I'm not sure quite how I feel about the colour pattern in the yarn on that one though, I think It would have been better suited for a diagonal rib patern or some such because the colour patterns sort of blob( forgive me unknowledge of the 'technical' term) in a spiraling fashion around the sock in a green-blue and green-yellow like those spiral string cheeses you buy at the store(MOMS will know what I mean)

In any case I am being terribly naughty because I am SUPPOSED to be working on a ribbon scarf for the para-pro at school so she doesn't feel slighted that I made the teacher something and not her too. I am restraining myself from also making something for the other coaches-helpers etc too because, well that's a frightful lot of people for one weeks worth of knitting time before the school term ends.
I am considering what to start next already because I would like to start a booth at the local market for fun just to see what all I can sell in the south where it comes to knitting. I'm thinking bags and simple scarves and maybe some baby things to start , and sell around july(the next one).I'm not looking for a business or anything jsut a fun time and maybe a few dollars in my pocket on my own terms to do yarny things with as I please. They have the market one a month to start and they may do it more often once they get it going and If it turns out well. Here's hoping it does as I am in desperate need of some local growers/talent/goodies to entertain myself with:P
AS AN added bonus I am SUPER exited to have met OL A pattern designer for litle things like socks and scarves etc. Who said she would let me do some pattern testing for her. YEA! I obviously can't blog/picture those one I get into it, but hey it'll be great fun and I love new ideas and puzzles. Plus when I see it on ravelry I can smile and think to my self "hey I tested that, I hope (s)he likes it!" I'm weird like that.

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sally said...'ve been busy too...sounds like pooling on that one sock....carolyn's finished up some of her things too....with pix....:)