Sunday, February 24, 2008

Woman get back in the kitchen and... oh hell

I gotta say Hell ya for these ladies :
Soo many women are abused everywhere by thier husbands and boyfriends. IF we had something like this here in the states that would rock my socks off. I found it Via stumble upon. I hate abuse, I was abused, my mum was abused, I do not tolerate it. SAldy things here in the states are pretty bad off when it comes to DV as well. Women are still being abused. Some men still think it's O.K., nessecary even in some places. Religious sects are still condoning it,or allowing it in a round about way of, "forgiveness", pleasing the husband prevention, and using misconstrued quotes from thier religious materials as evidence of thier higher powers permission. SOme women think it's okay, since the kids aren't getting it, or that if it's not often or it's only verbal that it isn't that bad. Even though studies prove violnce doesn't get better, Only worse. Then once they are able to leave There are places vic's can go now and get away, but if they're anything like the ones here, it's not good enough. I volonteered at one for a while, EVERYONE in the county knows where it is, and the admin are so busy argueing over petty crap like whether to hang clothes by colour or size, that the place hasn't even opened yet, and it was suppossed to back two yrs ago. Which means alot of women have no where to go , or are routed far away, or crammed in overflowing facilities. Nor to mention the religious exculsivities of most, where you must go to church, and read nonsense, and BE of a certian religious persuation or you can be asked to leave. Then they wonder why the women go BACK to thier husbands for round 2. There's either no other option, or they're taught to forgive, and let go, only to take it to mean forgive and go back. What really can we do to keep our women safe? education, strenght, and ability to provide for themseelves so they dont't feel powerless to leave. Every woman should know how to work at something so that if in any scenario where she MUST provide She CAN. Personally I think a gauntlet of mad badass women with baseball bats is just the thing to curb a man from hitting his wife. Think about it, would you really want to meet them at your front door as you're off to go to work? But really a no tolerance attitude, and women who know they CAN do better is a much preferable solution. Though there is something to be said for ownership of a nice cast iron skillet just in case.
Not to isolate all the awesomeness of these ladies, they are also picketing and protesting to the indian gov. to help impoverished people in the country and uncovering corrupt officials, and kicking much butt both literal and figurative. so Cheers to you ladies, Pink has never looked so powerfull!

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