Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Blog a Day

I said I would post Pictures, so here they are: my socks that I finally fininshed over the weekend.Somehow the second sock was just a bit more snug than the first,Not much and it went away mostly after I wore them around abit. Also I realized an error I had made in the first one, on the heel prep I was supposed to do sets of 4, but I only did sets of three, wich didn't change the size fortunatly because there was a certain number of ROWS I had to stop at , but it did mess up the look and ribbed it. Actually I prefer the set of three to the set of four look. and it feels a bit more padded. thats what I get for putting R 2 and 4 instead of going R1, R2, R3, R4, it usually puts me off and I have to frog. Since it was already finished and seamed there is no way on earth I am mad enough to frog a whole half sock for a part that will not even be seen. Not for a sock I made for myself anyway. If it was for someone else I would. I am still haunted by the sweater I made for SIL at Christmas that was about 8-9 inches too short.

And the boobie pillow I made for Physics Guy, which he loves. Men are so easily thrilled. Thanks to Martha Clem aka StarGazer for the pattern.
I decided since I have alot of fellow ravelers with blogs, that I would read at least a blog a day from them, to find new blogs to add to my list. My reading for the day is coming from: quirkyknitgirl and knitasaur , Ladies from the 20 spot( other 20 something aged knitters)
Knitasaur has some rather delicious looking pink and green socks, that remind me of jolly rancher candy. And Quirky girl is making me hungry for a yummy steak burger. Maybe I just need to eat some breakfast.


sally said... the sox....

Steph said...

Love the socks! And, if you're feeling hungry, the steak sandwich is totally worth heading over to get the recipe--so yummy!