Friday, February 22, 2008

Poncho pattern

I am making this pattern after the fact, as I can't ever do a pattern when I am actually making the thing, I don't know why, I keep a notepad for just that any gaps, or errors please let me know and i will look more closely, also bear in mind I am a small person , so your particular size on this sould be determined by width around your shoulders for the body, and the difference between that and the size around the largest part of your breast area(with your arms crossed for more room, you will need a measuring friend!!) for the centre: any who: here goes: CO 138 in main colour worsted weight, on for body
and 60 on for centre.
feather and fan:
R1: K a row,
R2: P a row,
R3: K1,*(k2tog)3 times, (yo,k1)6 times, (k2tog)3times, rep from* to last st. k1
R4:K row(ws)

rep 1-4 rows: 4 times
R5:k row,
R6: P row,
R7: K1 , (yo, k1)3 times, (k2 tog)3 times, then rep.from row 4 after *
hint: for every k2tog, you should have equally a YO,k1. So if you end with say the last k2tog's and have three sts left you can either (a) k all sts, OR (b) k2tog, yo K last. as long as your yo's and K2tog's are equal it's all good.
R8:K a row(ws), Repeat 5-8: 4 times.

~if you want a longer poncho you can rep from 1-4 again or 1-8 depending on how long you really want it. each 4x rep of 4rows is 2 1/2" at the high peak, and 3 1/4" at the low(longest) point

after the last repitition's Knit on wrong side row, stockinette from your upper breast to collarbone. for me:four and 1/2 inches,
this would be the time to seam in the centre: on (looking down at in your lap)left side of centre to right side of body. Hold them right side to right side and SC in them both on the last st of every row(that you can get). Or the good ol' needle seam works too, either or.

follow pattern of body untill 8 rows into the stockinette,
row : continuing in stockinette, dec by(k1, k2tog)every right side row until you reach 20 sts(or one third of the sts you cast on). on a p row hold 'em on the needle and SC down side and back up to the you can tie off now you have 22 sts to do :to the bulky below after seaming together with the body.
( you will place the buttons after the holes, unless you want them closer together, or are using smaller buttons I'm using ones the size of quarters)

now tie in your new bulky colour yarn. : k a row, p a row, P a row(RS), 5 rows of stockinette,
then R9:(p one , p2tog)
k row, P row,
R12: (k1, k2tog) K row, p row
R15: (k1, k2tog ) stockinette four rows.BO

buttonholes : on left side of body(looking down at it): sc to about the5th row(I added an extra button, told ya I knitpick) ch, 5, sc to the 14th row ch5 tightly, sc up to one inch into stockinette, ch 5, sc to four rows from top of main colour, ch5, sc up to bulky, sc all the way back down and tie off, and weave in ends. (this for me actually aded up to chaining every tenth Sc as I skipped a few rows and just used larger Sc since I couldn't fit the hook in some of the tighter rows)
Start on Right side bottom of bulky: sc3, ch3(button holes), sc in 2nd row,rep two more times, sc around top and back to bottom of bulky yarn. Hold together as you would wear it andput the buttons over the holes, poke the buttons strings through through the holes and sew/knot on to the button side:)that way they will be straight and dead on the holes That I think should be it. It's long enough to reach my elbows, but short enough I can wear it while doing the dishes and not get it too terribly wet.( how horribly martha!)
With some of this stuff, like the way to make button holes or the how to of putting on the buttons, seaming, is really no big deal to do it your own way, these are just ways that are easier for me. I hope I have been inteligible. I will go over this A few more times in the next few days to make sure I've been thourough, as this patern writing is a new thing for me, so I want to be the utmost of clear I can be.

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