Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bacon oh how I love thee.

I love bacon. I feel as if it should have it's own special food group on the pyramid, though adding Fat back to it would be debateable. Bacon can go with or on anything to make it better. If I can't eat I know I can count on A nice slab of bacon to make me hungry. which makes today all the more horrific. Physics guy wanted bacon for breakfast. A meal he rarely has. So I whipped out the 2 pould slab of applewood and the grill pan, as soon as the normally succulent sweet aroma hit my nostrils I had to run to the bathroom. I couldn't finish cooking it. I had to TIME it during my heaving, so I could tell him when to flip the slices. I don't time my cooking, ever. Fortunatly I can still EAT it, as I am right now, but I'm burning candes and opening doors to make the smell go away. I even went to the store and took the dreaded test just to be sure. I'm not, but I must be getting sick, or all the sugestions of "when ya going to have one" Are making me act like I am. These are the only things that have ever made me nautious over bacon.
On a lighter more viewer friendly subject, on the blog feature list today are: I haven't thouroughly investigated her blog yet, but I plan to do so after the school party that isn't really a party so they can have a bigger giant Spring party with the parents party. you see they're only allowed to have 3 parties a yr. damn uptight school board.
and Who has some fabulous doggies that I LOVE. And on the older posts she has knitter podcasts. Woohoo!

I will be back later for more, hopefully.


sally said...

hope you're feelin' better now....we're gonna set up the garden today and can do a drive by is you want:)

sally said...

bekah....i got my ravelry invite...i'm oeribori....:)