Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Be my valentine

I finished my socks, now I'm working on The crocheted boobie pillow Physics Guy requested. Thank goodness I am done, My living room carpet looks like a pink fairy exploded on it. there is spattered oatmeal and calamine lition that I am going to have to pick out of the fibers. why? Well my dear dog has allergies to fleas, and ONE flea gets on him( from the vet TYVM) he goes into a chewing frenzy. Now he looks like a horror version of the Dog dragon on The Neverending Story, scaly and clumps of hair. Last time I shaved him and wrapped an oatmeal pack to him. This time I was out of medic tape so I just caked him up with oatmeal and later applied calamine. He decided he was going to roll in the floor to be snarky and get the goop off.I also have the glitter sichuation. I loathe valentines day. Really it's just a corporate invention for the dumb male sapps to go out and buy flowers and candy and unneccesary jewelry items.Made to seem like a real holiday with concocted rationalzations about one (or several guys) named valentine who just happened to (all) die on feb 14th,writing a farewell letter to an obscure maiden signed "your Valentine". Which was right in the midst of *shock* a pagan fertility rite time. So the Catholic church decided to use the poor unfortunate sap to market their new and improved holiday( gosh that sound SO familiar, where did I hear that before....hmm?)Now they have the kiddies involved ( in a sexual fertility holiday where they used to slap women with goat flesh to hopefully help them get pregnant)and the schools participation.
I decided to stick it to that little greedy cherub and teach Girly to make her own from craft items we'd already get even if it wasn't Valentines month. We made 20 valentines in the floor...with glue, and confetti glitter. PG says we're going to cash in our movie tickets we got for christmas(yule, winter sol, I knew I'd heard that before!) and see the new movie "Definitly, maybe" on valentines/opening day. Which really means we're going to sit home and I'll probably make everyone pancakes in the shape of internal organs, since actually goiong out involved getting a sitter... Something we haven't done since Girly was 3 yrs old. Yeah thats 3 yrs ago people. I highly doubt it's gunna happen now. THese days getting a sitter means so much more than it did In my sitting years, back ground checks all around, shot records, anti sue paperwork, locking away any valuables if said sitter does inhome, plus coughing up an extra 20-30 bucks for 2 hrs of funky seats and stale popcorn sans child.
Happy goat slapping folks. And just think when your done, you can throw 'em on the grill YUM. I'm going to sweep the fairy guts out of my carpet now. I may be bak to post a picture of my socks later, though I make no garontees. Also sorry for the mucho spelling errors, the spell check thinger doesn't work on my page, It hasn't since the third post I made on here.

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