Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Crazy Tuesday * edit

Life is chaotic in the best of times. Sometimes we have to rool with it and let nature take it's course. And other times we have to get a helping hand back on our feet. Toady epitomizes these things. I found out that my cousin who was in a terrible wreck, after only a week in the hospital with NO surgery is back home and recovering well. Our tarantula molted agonizingly slowly,

Part of me wanted to help her out, but There are sometimes in life where you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride, Or you end up ripping off a leg or two. And now my doggie, 15 yrs young:P weeing blood. like BLOOD not tinge. fortunatly now it's stopped , the vet is running tests as I type. Honestly there is not a more humbling experince than running after a dog around the neighbourhood trying to catch wee with a Steel mixing bowl. HURRAH!, it is no more than a simple UTI( urinary tract infection) thank goodness, but, It's a good thing we went, Apparently He's somehow picked up a very rare butt parasite, that's only transmitted through raccoons. WTH, Which begs the ? where the heck did he come in contact with a raccoon at? Falcons and binnies are the only wildlife I've seen near my yard...Wierd.
I voted this morning before the puppy issues, I was sad when I saw Edwards was still on the ballot, I felt a bit like I was betraying him by skimming past his name to poke Obama's check mark. like maybe If I voted for him he'd say HEY someone still voted for me, I guess I'll run after all. Which I know is BS, but still. It sucked.

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cheryl said...

Racoons are nocturnal creatures so that's why you might not have seen them. Their scat can contain parasites that can infect people as well as other animals. Nasty creatures if you ask me.