Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Irish weeds

Okay, You will not belive what I just saw. They are SELLING clover IN THE STORE! WHY would you SELL a weed? EVERYONE HAS THEM. that's like selling freakin dandilions. I have these lovely green tributes to Ireland ALL over my back yard. SEE: I guess with St. patty's around the corner, it may be a nice table topper for parties, but really, have you BEEN to an irish St. patty's party? You don't want a table toppper, it takes up too much pint space, you could put AT least two more beer on that thing.If you buy these things for a St. patty's party, you're not Irish, you may THINK you are, but no. You know what REALLY makes a good Irish table topper? A keg of Guinness. Or maybe a nice layout of meats, grilled, sliced, roasted meats garnished with carrots and potatoes. Or if it's a guys only type of thing...chips and nuts, that's it, maybe a nice bottle of whiskeyin the middle to centre things up. So before you go pay 10 bucks for a handfull of irish dandilions come over to my house , I''ll give 'em to ya for free, and mine are just the right size to use for a coaster for your pint.More on St. Patty nearer to the day. Fun and interesting facts about the guy, the history, and the culture of Ireland.

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