Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh Baby

There are in my opinion few types of persons who bobbles look good on. Babies are one of those types. PG's firefighing friend is having a baby in a few months, well more accurately his WIFE is. None-the-less a baby is on it's way, which means I must make it something. I have a granny square blanket I may or may not finish, depending on how bored I am. Ever since the giant granny square blanket I made father in law for christmas I cannont bring myself to attention long enough to mke any more. Frankly I am sick of them right now. So in stead of finishing the blanket I made a baby bobble jacket and am in the process of matching booties. In the process meaning I am formulating the plan of them, not actually ON them yet. At least in the case of babies I can procrastinate. the little tyke isn't going to be here in a few days, so I have plenty of time...unlike a certain sister who is going to be here In 4 DAYS who I promised houseshoes too..that I haven't made yet. In any case I have the jacket made
The middle bobbles look off centre because they are actually buttons, and they aren't laying right yet. I haven't washed it or tucked the ends either but that can be done on the coffee break between folding and hanging. Nothing ever seems to look right when I am trying to take it's picture. Kinda like the obnoxious cousin who fudges up all the family photos by sticking his tounge out at that last possible moment before the flash.

The houseshoes will have to fight the house WORK. Which has gotten enormously larger since the battle between Physics Guy and Girly over bedtime stories last night. It ended with him not so carefully throwing penalty toys out of her room in a big freaking pile, that I inevitably will have to clean up.. For all his square root of 30pi he can't seem to grasp neatly stacking or tiding up... And she won the bedtime story. Well now of to morning drop off, and then on to housework. Perhaps I can find a bit of time inbetween spraying and steaming for some shoes.

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sally said...

....that turned out great....i love that the front bobbles became baby-friendly buttons....