Friday, February 1, 2008

Cupcakes And Coffee

9 ish am:
we had such a fun time last night , the girls and I. The lovely bead selling lady was at the shop too. Carolyn had a fabulous Idea to get her to make some beaded stitch markers. something I would never have thought of since well I use pop tabs as st. markers. not because I can't afford them. I actually think I have two bags around here somewhere. But hell they are free with purchase of my soda. I'm a cheap girl,

2:30 give or take pm:
bla bla bla doea ERUEKA!
make itstop
Oh my sorry, no I haven't lost my mind ,just figuring out how to use blog text. My eyeballs hurt from reading all this html jargon.My friend Sally wanted to know how to use it. And now I am trying to figure it out more too. Physics Guy knows all kinds of computer stuff,ESCPECIALLY html. But I am too proud to ask him to teach e. No I want to learn it on my own. It sucks to ask the person you are married to and KNOW they have not an utter Idea how to wash whites versus well hell wash anything at all, how to do anything you don't know. SO my eyes are bleeding and I am learning on my own.

I made a batch of cupcakes for the kiddos at school today, no frosting at all, they got to frost them and make them into ground hogs At School. And I got to spent the day with them. and then I spent the whole ride home explaining that the GH doesn't REALLy make it spring or winter, it's just a superstition based on if he wants a mate yet or if he wants to sleep some more. Nothing to do with weather prediction.I love her teacher, I swear, she reminds me of an older adult version of Girly. I got to play teachers assistant and watch half the kiddos during library time. It was fun but not my thing for a daily grind. I could not be a teacher, the eternal sunshineyness, the kids who insist on bitching about so and so taking THEIR glue. the sticky little hands, and not being able to hug the huggy kids. I think I hugged like 3 kids today not including my own offspring. And they KNOW when you're not a teacher that you'll break the no huggs rule. how can you not? you're a mom. That's like telling a baker he can't make pies. so they gather around you "hug ME hug ME, " I applaude teachers every where for their stamina.

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sally said...

okay, you did it once....but how exactly did you do it?.....:)