Friday, February 8, 2008

Shallow Guilty Pleasures

Okay I admit it, I watch Janice Dickenson modeling agency, and Real Housewives. I used to want to be a model before I had Girly, now I just want to take a bloody bath in peace. So I wach these foolish young guys and gals persuing their dreams and excersicing themselves silly. I love Janice though, she's like a mother hen. If I had actually gotten to model She would be the agent I would want. though I'd probably kick Peter in the nads. I watch house wives for the trainwreck factor, and I've kinda gotten attached to Laurie, she's a REAL real chick. I think it's good to have a few fluff topics to think about. It keeps you from being too cynical, and serious. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, whether a mindless tv show, or a chocolate cake that you hide from the kids, or a rather pricey skein of yarn that you relly shouldn't have bought but did anyway. What's youre guilty pleasure?

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Dee said...

Hiya! I've tagged you for this: The Power of 7

It's a little "getting to know you" type thing. :)