Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Knitting nook

I love my pets, really I do, all 10 of 'em. But sometimes like today I wonder...did I make the right choice in not adopting out some of them before they got too many? I mean take a look at my knitting room. All this ample knitting space, taken up by my massive cavy friendly cage. I am a space hog, I like my space, It's nice to have somewhere in the house to go and hide knitt away to my hearts content with out interruption. Most of my time is spent DOing for everyone else, feeding, listening, being a couch/ foot rest. I really like to have an area I could invite friends over to. But I don't have that. nope I have a small area that isn't (usually) overtaken with critters, pop cans, and or other items that take hours of time to make livable for guests. And it's in the back of the house, so you have to sift through the rubble to get to it, by which time any sane person would run screaming from my home... That is unless they live there like I do. Note the tag-a-long Pup who is in every picture, save the one I blocked him from getting in. I 'm hoping in being brave enough to show the inside of my house on here I will maybe work up the courage to invite people over and say animals be damned I WILL have a social life, And Blow what they think of the mess. But really I want to go and delete the messy living space picture right this very second.But then again, I mean, why call it Furniture, if It can't have FUR on it? and who could not love this face?
In case you are wondering where the cavies that go in the cage are? They are in the tub, waiting on their bedding which is in the dryer. That is a cage for 4 cavies. has intructions for building your own, and cavy care and ownership. Just for pete's sakes, don't buy= adopt, and if you do either make sure they're both ( cavies do best in twos) the same sex, and if females, that they're NOT preggers first. This was my mistake, preggo pigs. AHGH!

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