Saturday, February 9, 2008

power of 7

Okay Dee tagged me for power of 7 , basically I have to write up 7 things about me, and then send it to seven other people. Really I don't think I kow 7 other bloggers, I read quite a few, but I don't really know them enough to tag them politely. But I'll do my best.
1. I love socks, but I hate wearing them. I am thouroghly enjoyimg making my scalloped socks, and I worry that I may only wear them once or twice because of my loathing for the wearing of the sock. I love all types and colours of them, I usually buy socks in fun patterns and stuff, I just can't seem to keep them on my feet for more than a few hrs.
2. I'm a farm girl, half my life I was raised on a farm, I would love to have one some day. Even though I cannot grow a thing. Really I can kill cacti.
3. I would rather read than watch TV, I really could do with out a tv in my home. Physics Guy would probably DIE without one so he's the only reason we have it.
4. I get incredibly lonely at home during the day when everyone is out,I have to crank the radio player so it's loud enough so I don't feel alone. But when they're home I wish I had peace and quiet.
5. I like to sing ALOT , but I can't do it in front of anyone else. Not even PG. I freak out and clam up. the last time I sang in public I was 12 yrs old and I still went to church.
6. I used to get kicked out of many sunday schools as a small child for having religious debates with the teachers. I usually won. I am now Agnostic/Athiest.
7. I love liver, any liver, my favorite is a smoked ground liver concoction called braunwswageir(sp?) it smells like cat breath, but I love it. It is so good with provalone cheese and miricle whip

my sexy 7 are:(okay I only have 5 so far, but really I don't have alot of people who I know that have blogs)I'll add more as they come:P
impossible princess

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