Friday, February 29, 2008


In knitting and crochet there are ALOT of abbreviations. I have a habit of saying them in my head as I go to remember what comes next. Only I do it in a different way. ktbl= ktable, k2tog/p2tog= k Tog or p Tog(sounds like Dog) for k3tog and up I just think # and Tog.
slp(slip as if to purl)= spell, yes I know it's a bit backwards but if you say purl fast it's sounds like pell(at least here in the south)
st st I just cut down to SS
Giving them names helps me think faster than thinking letters. Of course the simple ones I keep the same, like K, P, beg,co, Bo, cab.
Right now I'm copying a pattern for goblet socks. And Oh my gosh it's a pain. It's not a wordy pattern which would make it easy to copy down in a notepad. It's one of those graph patterns that take forever to copy if you don't use graph paper. I'm the type of person where I can't visualise symbols as words. I NEED words to burn them into my brain long enough to write it down. Little circles and slashies do nothing for my noggin. I have a photographing memory with numbers and words, just not with graph stuffs, I think that was my biggest trouble in higher math, squiggles and pi signs don't stick well. So I sketched out the grph on a pad and am going to have to translate it to words so I can get it when I'm knitting it. Oh the sacrifices I will make to churn out a pair of socks. I want to wait to make them until I can get I nice wine coloured yarn, which I think would do them very well, or perhaps a golden and brown colourway...or gold and red and brown... I have some great yellow and green that I want to do a scaly dragon-esque or parrot like pattern with, but so far I haven't found THE ONE PATTERN that makes me say' WOW I could see that as the animal.' My cotton socks remind me of mermaids and the sea, I like that. I really enjoy a pattern that gives an image along with it. Not only is it functional, but also artistic as well. Something that will capture your attention and take you away to a magical place in your head.

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