Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going Strong

During the mad rush yesterday PG and I got about half of Girly's room done, not counting the top border. Mr. expert told me to get masking tape for the borders....$1.99 Masking tape does NOT take the place of the $8.99 roll of PAINTERS TAPE. no matter how much you try and make it. SO now I have to get thinner to get the seep off the bottom border and door frame, as PG went slap happy with the roller, and forgot we had a BRUSH to get those pesky nooks. Yet MR. fire alarm is unscathed and carefully painted around... That's what happens when you marry a fireman. To hell with the doors, the fire alarm MUST NOT be teh pinks!!!On the positive side he actually likes the colour, just of course, not the Flatness of the paint. Which I expected, and it really doesn't bother me. I'm sure there's some sort of clear coat paint for walls , right? Cars have it, It would stand to reason walls should too. Why let cars have all the fun.
I finished up one of my Aunt purl socks at Sally's yesterday before the painting. I picked at the patttern a bit to make it fit me better. I am Never happy with a pattern, I MUST pick. Even though I should finish the other one, in all it's '80 style glory, ( I swear when I saw this thing finished I had flashes of crimped side ponytails, and madonna-esque gloves.)I'm not in any hurry to do it. It's warm as crap, but not something I would wear to market...unless It was on one of my grungy, nonmatching days. Which incedentally I am having today. Now I am working on a wrap in Patton's Divine Amethyst I need something fun and fancy to do. Plus it's insanely easy with K2, YF, rep pattern. I can't decide if I should try and sell it, then buy more to make me one, or keep it for myself...I really need to get up my stash for an online sale. Family keeps nagging me to do it. Really I just don't want the monotony of churning out generic pieces for the masses. I wouldn't mind so much if I just do unique ones, and tough cookies if someone wants one JUST like it in a week, unless they are going to front the money. Then of course I would'nt object:P

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sally said...

....awesome colour....and yes, they do have a clear coat for the walls.....it is clear glaze....:)