Friday, January 25, 2008

What would you do with $800

I Can't belive I'm actually hoping something Bush preposes will Pass. But I am really hoping the tax credit thing does. I don't really know if it will help the economy, It may possibly. I just really need the money to pay dental bills and get a bit of a saving up. Most people say they hate the tax man. I love the tax man, He's like Spring time Santa. Yeah It's MY money, but I get a really fun gift in the mail. WE're going this weekend to visit his "workshop" give him our list, and a few weeks later WooHoo. The only difference is in stead of leaving it UNDER a tree, tax man Santa gives us a present written ON a tree:) Just in time for my birthday.
Along with taxes I hope to have sock #1 fininshed this weekend. WIth a few minor reductions in size and sts in the pattern I should be fininshed in time for monday afternoon pick up at school. That Is if I don't damage either the sock or my brain in the process of gusset and connecting the heel flap. Tomake sure I keep it in a fitting size I transfered to my circulars instead of the DPN's I was using. Which the pattern called for circs anyway, that's probably why. After Tax man Santa sends the money,I MAY go to knitpicks and get a few sets of dpns and circs to have on hand for sockage. I didn't want to get alot before I commited to socks because I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not. Really socks are something that you either love or hate, so I didn't want to buy the tools to have just sit around in my craft room and gather dust. I'll let you know after I finish these.

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