Saturday, January 12, 2008

Of Beans and Skeins

There is nothing more relaxing for me than a rainy day. I can sit back and brew me a pot of coffee, knitting in hand and listen to the water fall off my roof. No I don't have gutters, they didn't come with the house, and so through lack of fundage we don't have any. I like this becasue in the areas where the roof meets and folds down the water pools and pours down making a waterfall and small pool for my frogs in the spring. I love frogs, they come in so many fun shades and shapes, plus the whole bug eating quality. There's a waterfall by Girly's window so when she wakes up (usually around noon) on a rainy week-end afternoon we can sit in her floor and play ponies and pretend we live on an exotic island with a magical waterfall. there's another one by my SPOT in the living room and when I sit there the sound makes the knit/coffee meditation complete nirvana. One thing I can't quite figure out is how to properly brew coffee, I usually make a 6 c pot, with 2 1/2 T of coffee, but I change brands alot so I don't get bored, and I've noticed through this one coffee's T is another coffee's HOLY COW too much. SO I usually guesstimate by smell light smell= more grounds. on most occasions this works for me, but not Always.
Today this theory proved wrong, so I've done alot more on my knitting than usual. WHich I guess is Good since I had to frog the whole bloddy thing I was doing and re cast more stitches on thursday. I now have 65 sts CO and about an arm's length up to almost shoulder on Girly's shrug. I may take a break for the rest of the weekend on it so I can deep clean and muck the guinea cages. something that takes all day to do:(P I think the girly-pigs like my knitting too, they chitter when I clack the needles and watch me with thier little sideways looks. if I'm knitting something long like a scarf or a blanket for the barbies they will sneak up to the edge of their cages and smell it or climb up the side to take a closer peek. so far they don't eat the yarn, something I can't say for certain naughty kitties who like to stalk up and chew the yarn as it's being pulled to the project.I have been in the process of knitting something only to wrp my next stitch and come up holding a slobbery chewed off end. Meanwhile Miss Oreo there is sleeping on the skein with the OTHER chewed end snuggled between her paws at my feet.Ahh well now I'm off for more Java. YEs it's 11pm sue me.

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