Wednesday, January 16, 2008

freaking rain already

It's been off and on cloudy for two days. Just as I think OK it's coming,alright. poof A wind comes and blows it all away. It's cold and rain would be fun. I like a good cold rain, their much better than hot sticky summer rains. You can almost pretend that its REALLY snowing when you have a good cold rain. Makes me want to go get some cocoa and hang out with friends. :( but My fav coffee spot is mysteriously closed. Weird, I may have to try back later on because I really want some raspberry white chocolate cocoa. and a chicken salad sandwich.and company. I guess I could invite people over, but then I would worry the whole time if they think my house is messy compared to theirs, not like my coffee, or the guinea pig's hay smell, or my corner spider who lives by the door where I can't reach so I just say eff it, he can eat the flying bugs that try to sneak in the door. He's a small wood spider, very friendly, harmless. I don't like to kill spiders, I usually scoop and drop. Him I would have to squoosh with the broom, and that would make me sad. I figure heck he'll probably kick it in a few days anyway, they don't live THAT long. or I'll just make PG get it, as long as he doesn't dent my ceiling again.
Oh yes on that: Last night during a particularly fun night of livingroom dodgeball, he decided to leap onto and over a stepping stool he was to lazy to put away. It was in the hallway entry. it has a door brace, it's aluminum. He's 6'1 the stool is about 1 ft tall and he only has about a poptart's length from said bracer when he's on the ground. SO with a flying leap he pummeled himself unconscious(only a second or two) and into the floor. I'm just glad he didn't break his neck, since it was directly on THE TOP of his head where he hit. Tiny goose egg for the night. Something for me to make fun of him about for until the next time.

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