Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to school day

I love back to school. Love Love LOVE IT. DOn't get me wrong I Adore Girly, and the wonderful times we have mud bathing, and chip munching, and vegging out to shrek 1-3 binges. BUT I don't do any housework, other than neccesary undie washing and dishes required for meals. Now that she's back in school I have the time to scrub and fold and make the place look decent agian. I suppose I could manage to do these things while she's on vacation, but really you only live once and what memories would I rather have her remember? Mommy scrubbing dishes or her and I slinging pats of mud at each other in the yard and all around enjoying each-other's company? The house and the work involved will always be here, don't I know it, but one day sooner than I realize she will be all grown up and off on her own. Then I can wash the entire house in to my hearts content.... I better buy shares in soap before then to make my money back:P The only problem with back to school day one is I am so lonely and the house is so quiet that first day. The shock of no squealing and leaping over kitties is like a vacuum, pulling all other sounds into it making it seem even MORE quiet than it already is. Usually I play music really loud to drown out the noise of no noise. Today I just crashed out, trying to get over the never ending sick I've been fighting since before Christmas. with the TV on. Knitting night was Awesome, as usual. we had a nice teacher who played the guitar for us while we knit, and crocheted. Sadly and lastly though, I must pay my respects to my dear Judith's late kitty. He lived a full and wonderfull 19 yrs with a charmingly sweet lady. He will wait at the rainbow bridge for her with all the wonderful other animals we love, and who willingly and wholly love us in return.
Cherish each day you have with those you love, furry or no, our time here is short so make the best of it and share it with the ones dearest to your hearts.

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