Sunday, January 20, 2008

politics and pedicures

WEll friends, I had almost a half a sock. I had Sally's concern of non-stretchiness covered with the resolve to buy some elasti-string to weave through post Knit. And then the thought occurred to me"Gosh this sock looks awful big for my leg". I tried it on and sure enough unless I was making thing highs there was no earthly way this sock was going to fit on my leg even with elasti-string. The recipe was one size ladies standard sock. My legs are NOT. they are small. I had to frog the whole thing and I will restart tomorrow about 20 sts. smaller. If I'm not still irritated at it. I get like that with my projects, if they make me mad I put them in time out. Pretty much just so I don't get in a hurry and mess them up worse than before I frogged them. Tonight I am working on my Yarn bee Luscious dress for spring. The basic idea is a tube dress with a tie in the back neck strap. I may form fit it on the sided around the waist. As of right now I've only gotten the strap and about 3 inches of collarbone coverage. I want my socks:(
In the mean time I am amusing myself by looking over political stuff and discussing the candidates with Physics Guy. He's a libertarian, and I am (I think) registered as DEM. Though I'm not really sure if I registered or not as last voting time I was sick and in a NyQuil fog. It's truly a miracle I remembered to vote Kerry. Well maybe not SUCH a miracle considering the other one was Bush ,and really I'd have to be pretty Effed up on more than NyQuil to vote for him. But I don't remember actually signing something saying I registered as one or another politically. Off the tangent, I think I get to vote in the primary, but I'm not really sure, I'll show up anyway. If they kick me out, Hey then I'll have something to blog about. It's odd, the county that I live in is Supposed to be predominately a democrat county, Yet everyone I seem to meet is a Rep. OI, well except for my neighbour, Ed. He's VERY liberal.:) I actually incorporate his house Into directions TO my house, and It helps people find it. How ? well lets just say He likes Signs...ALOT. I was sorta scared of Ed when I first moved in, Now I adore him and his little fuzzy puppy. He's a normal guy who is just really POed at the way the country is going, And honestly I agree with him on that. I just don't want to take it out on my front lawn. But Seriously Ed has a good Idea, peaceful protest,on your personal property, where everyone can see it everyday and think about what they mean. SO here's to you Ed. Maybe we'll see each other at the primary, and if not ,there's always Publix.

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