Friday, January 11, 2008

Utterly vile advertising

To think these things were actually ads back in the day make me want to vomit though the Camel ad was kinda funny, the thought of using a prepubescent girl to sell sex/perfume makes me incredibly pissed. I would photo link but honestly I don't want it on my page. It's not as crazy these days but still less is not absence. women are used as sexual objects to sell everything from cologne to sodas, placing younger lolita-esque women in ads with men old enough to be thier grandfathers in penis pill ads. Even ones designed FOR women are sometimes anti woman, making it seem unnatural or ugly to have a period, go natural without makeup, or heavens forbid have body hair in thier nether regions. Yet we tolerate yes EVEN BELIVE IT. Women in size -2's telling us we can be thin just like them and not be so fat and ugly, because "of course bigger than -2 = ugly" we know it's BS yet we still are expected to strive to BE like them. People use kids to advertise things that have nothing to do with them. ads for cleaning products, and scrubber mitts on kids TV channels. the Hey kids tell your mom and dad advertising, I mean really why else put ads for e-z-screwdrivers on x-toons channel? Like my 5 yr old is going to go unscrew a lightbulb, much less her own bed. I'm so sick of all the BS advertising used. If the product ACTUALLY makes you feel good, and be healthy, or is a great product let it speak for itsself. If it is'nt, then get of YOUR corporate executive asses and make it better.

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