Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Knit shortage

I've not been doing alot of knitting today, or yesterday for that matter/ I have been playing Zelda, my most addictive game. I have it on nes for the comp., Snes for my SNES( cuz I'm old school like that), Physics guy's N64, and now Girly's DS. which is what I've been actively playing all weekend long. I love this game. I kick it's butt. Which Is a very difficult thing for me do to with a game. I am by NO definition a gamer. I get whooped at donkey Kong. I enjoy Watching OTHER people play games, I can sit for HRS. watching PG play SWAT4. But I cannot play, Except ZELDA. I get very addicted to playing it. I almost cried last night after playing for 3 hrs. straight and not saving only to have the battery die on me. I haven't even hardly been online except to check my e-mail and respond to a religious spammer who has decided by some f-ed up logic that If I don't agree with his POV I am " best case scenario, going to hell" yeeeah, I'll be the one with the killer steaks buddy, make sure you bring the A1 mkay. And to check in with ravelry friends and scope their blogs. knitswithballs had an awful xroomie who I would maim horribly if he took all MY yarn and $$. oh yes, ALL yarn. And Yarn's the word's house isn't there yet:(( dadgone mad isn't blogging about poo, and loads of other fun stuff I didn't get to read yet because...Well I had to go to the temple of courage to rescue the 3 rd fairy to get the map to figure out where the heck ZEL got off to this time. I did however get in a few rows at the dentist's office while Girly was getting her "princess crown" and found that I have to go to Brunswick and get more cotton ease yarn or else no shrug for Girly. I only do this on the MOST important projects. I just hope I don't spend too much, since we're now on the write every penny you spend down budget. A $40 tab to Micheal's wouldn't look nice to Physics Guy.

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