Tuesday, January 8, 2008

thermerasol/autism and kittehs

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/01/080107181551.htm states their new findings on the theory of vaccines and autism. That quote"Autism: Removing Thimerasol From Vaccines Did Not Reduce Autism Cases In California" I as a parent who vaccinated my child am relived that there is not infact a link. At the same, I am a bit saddened for parents of autistic children that this wasn't the fix. At least then we'd know what to keep away from our kids. I wish and hope that we can find the reasons behind autism soon.

On A lighter note: last night I was relaxing with Physics Guy and the critters, when he decided he wanted to play with the kitties. Now I Have a bag (hand made of course) of yarn at all times set up on my spot on the couch, just hanging out with yarns spilling out of it. PG is standing OVER said bag, playing slaps with the kitties getting clawed senseless when he turns to me and asks" hon, do we have any string around ?" No Dear, Nope, No string, not a thread in the whole house, why I don't know HOW things get knitted up around here, or darned or rebuttoned. I looked at him and just pointed to the obvious BAG of yarn just sprawled out in front of him. "take your pick". and naturally being male he grabs the skein with half a slipper sole attached. But at least he grabbed the part with the hook and dangled the other end for the kitties to chase. Physics Guy and cats is a weird thing. He doesn't hate cats, he just doesn't really Like them around once they're out of the cuddly kitten phase. I on the other hand have Never been without a cat in my entire life. once we got married and moved my kitty in he has adapted to living with a kitty who : Has OCD human licking issues,will slap desired food out of your fork, mouth or bowl if you don't share, steals the pillow, covers AND the sacred middle of the bed, and will pay you back for the laundry crime of leaving clothes in the floor by weeing on them. Oh yes, after her, gaining a stray picked up by our girly was a cakewalk. Puss(poos) actually thinks she is a Dog, she prefers the amours of doggy to even the gentlest of kitty groomings. She has also picked up guinea pig herding talents from our GSD and will snuggle and groom them after the herding game is over(which they love, please don't PETA me). So after adapting to these two, PG is becoming more of a cat person, though He still "prefers a nice big dog any day"And I am warming up to dogs.

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