Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday , Monday

Maybe You might think this song Is before my time. I've always loved the Oldies. This song really sums up my day today. Kiddo got to play hookey from school because she had her dental appt. the funniest thing you'll ever see is a congested kid high on Nitrous oxide. It's like a bulldog hanging out a car window. drooly, squinty and howling. SHe fortunatly Konked out halfway through the drive back. When I got home I heard terrible news about a cousin who I love dearly. She was in a car accident this morning and is in stable but critical condition. We aren't sure as of yet how bad it is, Only that she's had a bad c-spine injury and her spleen is ruptured. Please keep her in your thoughts/ prayers, I know she will appriciate it. Her Dad always took care of us kids, almost like a second father, and she is a great kid, full of love. Whatever you beliefs, keep hope for us that she will be Ok. thanks

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