Friday, January 18, 2008

Finis Shrug

Finally I fininshed Girly's shrug.I had A bit of trouble on the seaming but I decided on a nice slip stitch and it did the job. SHe loves it. Now she's wanting a hodded scarf to match just like Mommy's. Which would require another trip to the yarn shoppe. ONt a good Idea right now since when I went to get the finishing yarn for the shrug last time I got this as well:

I am going to make me a pair ... Err TRY to make me a pair of lacy scalloped socks. It's Lily Sugar and cream 100% cotton Midnight magic that I reduced to 2 ply instead of it's bulkier 4ply. Not something I reccomend unless you have a hair tie, and the patience to stand up and untwirl all day. I wanted these socks bad enough to do it. and I will do it again after I finish these on More Lily's in Summer splash. Which is a green, yellow and blue. Why would I do this? I have never had a kick ass pair of socks, always the bland white or black ones that never matter if you lose one in the wash. Hey , you have a whole bag full more of them. Yes I want a kick ass pair of socks, ones I would not be ashamed to wear in sandals, or to take off shoes in public to show off. Socks that make you feel sexy.
Ok maybe I'm pushing it there, maybe a matching pair of panties? Those I would not show in public, but I may brag that I made them as a combo package in the right circles.


sally said...

Bekah......don't forget cotton is not maybe some ribbing in there for some stretch?.....:)

Carolyn said...

The shrug turned out great!!
It's not such a bad thing to "have' to go back to the yarn shop, eh?