Monday, January 7, 2008

Please Ma'am don't roll in our yarn!

Oh if only I could find a LYS who would let me sample their yarns, play with it, Knit a few rows, see how it pads up to my tastes before purchase. Instead I go to the place, am overwhelmed with colour and texture and go on a squeezing face rubbing frenzy making the other shoppers stare in puzzlement "what is this crazy doing?" You see I have a VERY picky kid, who will only wear certain textures of clothing, and If it's just the least itchy in store I won't buy it, and move on to the not itchy stuff, only to find that once I get it home on my needles its firm and coarse, beh.

I am A beginning knitter, and as such I am only JUST learning merino, alpaca, baby alpaca, goat and bunny, 1st cut, 2nd cut, 3rd cut quality and the weight to yards to how long once I actually knit it type stuff. SO I go and but a pound of alpaca( 3rd) and it looks all yummy and light only to find once I knit it up and get it on I have hairs flying off up my nose, and it's hotter than A night at the playboy mansion. the differing qualities of synthetic is also a puzzle, I can buy a solid colour and a multi of the same brand only to find the solid is feather soft and the multi(which of course I bought for kiddo) is as coarse as a metal soap pad. SO now i have a nice plum pudding hat shaped pot-scrubber:) Oh yes the perils involved with newbie knitting. Though I have found I am extremely fast at my new hobby I can knit up a good sized scarf in two days:) and crochet one in one day or two nights of TV watching with the Physics Guy(hubbs). I think things are going good, I dream about knitting things, which is a bit odd and a letdown to wake up and realize I did not in fact knit my DREAM Sweater. I also have set up a local fiber group we are a meager pack, but a fun one. naturally we're set up in a local coffee house because coffee and knitters go together like well, worsted and a set of 5.5's. we've had a few beginners who come and try only to never return , our regulars and even once a real MAN-Who-knits! which I love and authenticity's us as a real fiber group.

Other than my knitting I am also a SAHM, I have a five yr old girly, and one Chilean Rose tarantula, One German shepherd Dog, two cats and 6<4> Guinea pigs. oh yes, so please save the SAHM is not a job for someone who doesn't have to feed 12 people on a daily basis plus 1 monthly week of feeding for Lachesis(tar) Not to mention the cleaning up after said creatures. I may also let you in on the joys of my attempted gardening once spring rolls around in a few weeks(gotta love Georgia). I have a meager plot, but at the very least I well have enough greens and pears to make you never want to see them again, much less eat them once the season is gone. Since this is my first actual blog I will leave it at this. I don't want it to be too long and bore you. Here's a little bit of my work So far


sally said..., i guess it's your turn to rant?.....yeah, Bekah!!!....:)

snowflake said...

So glad to see you blogging! I loved your creations - especially the bumble bee - how cute is that?? Your kitty is beautiful too, I bet they love it when you knit! Looking forward to hearing more from you! And yeah, I know how hard gardening in Georgia is! LOL!