Thursday, January 24, 2008

Funny Fibers

I've been knitting like mad for the last coupla days, So I thought I'd take a break and share some of my favprite knit/crochet on the web funnies the first one is a poem made by a Fellow Ravelry-er's Dad it's number 15:
A boobie pillow with link to the pattern:
And a lovely thong from cafepress:

I am rather please to know that we will be getting some new additions to our Tangled Skein Fibre group in the next few sessions. A few ladies I've met online have agreed to stop in for a few lessons, and one of my favorite Ravelers may be joining us soon with her many talents in the ways of the wool. I am allways Pumped up adn happy on thursdays becasue I know however sucky my day might be I have my blessed night amongst fellow knitters and crocheters. So far my day is going rather typically for a thursday: peeling the dust off the fans, going walkies with the dog who thinks he MUST wee on EVERY sign we pass, madly scrubbing foreign gunk from my fridge, And discovering things I never knew about things in my house.: Did you know there is a drianage pan under your fridge? Yep a little plastic pan where whatever condensation may leak out can happily drip in safety. Well, At least If you KNOW it's there and clean it properly. This is something NOT taught in home ec. or by your mother apparently. And while on the note of fridges, why the heck can't they give you just a teensy bit more lee way on the icemaker and power cord on the darn things? I haven't seen the floor under there since 3 yrs ago when I decided to clean behind it and got trapped in the tiny nook that I made. And I am NOT a big person, so this thing by normal standards is freaking impossible to get to for you average person. I would show pictures but really, that is a place no ONE would want to see. Kinda like Certain actress/singers personal bits.... scummy, hairy and possibly filled with biologial warfare-esque bacteria.

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Flea said...

You booby knitting cracks me up. My cousin found your link after seeing my recently woven butt basket, then realized that you're in Tulsa. Howdy neighbor!