Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Playing With Yarn

I've been playing with a few different stitches, trying to find a happy lacy pattern for a scarf or wrap. This one is R1:(k2tog, YO, K1 ) R2 (purl2tog, YO, P1)and rep two rows.(or if you're a two handed knitter like me just REP the R1 on the left hand) I like that it has these little rosette type stitches where the "2TOG's" are and that it looks ribbed, but it is a little bland. Cute, but bland.If the yarn wasn't so shiny, You could see it better. So anyone who reads this and knows how to take a non shiny Picture I'm all ears.
This is my personal way of YO and also How I cast on, and chain stitch, I like how it's tight, and symmetrical. I know some people just wrap the yarn over the hook/needle, and if that works for you OK. I don't like how it tends to fall off or become loose so I cross it over my finger.

More tomorrow on what I've added to this in a different stitch pattern. I've got the basic Idea of this one, so I'm moving on to find my happy stitch.

This(below) Is going to be Girly's shrug, a variation of a pattern my Good friend Sally found. It's the inspiration to my playing with the blue yarn above. After frogging The Pinkness like 4 times, I stuck with this one and moved my playing onto the blue( Caron's simply soft if you care to know). It definitely doesn't hold together like wool or acrylic, and I tend to have to re-wind it. On the up side it is soft and works nicely with the Paton's Poodle stuff on the cuff, and it is'nt nearly as heavy as I thought it would be.
CO 35 in A (bulky)knit every row x4
R5:knit 1R in B (worstest)

R6: (K2tog, YO, K1)

B7: P Across (or K across for 2 hand knitters)

rep 6-7 until B covers wrist to wrist

Change to A and K4 Rows BO.

This works for toddler kids of average weight, add or DEC by2 sts for less confusion in smaller or larger kids. I would have prefered a few more sts on Girly's, but this will be more of an over tank than over a sweater type thing. So if you're going for a shrug over a sweater I suggest adding more STS. Adult size recommended CO: 81 sts (or any odd number that is closest to your gauge: I'm using worstest ) Sally's shrug Is in an even # pattern so she uses 80 STS. so I went up a st. instead of down as bigger is always better than smaller when unsure:) As I so erroneously learned on SIL's sweater this passed Christmas. OI!

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sally said... that pink one....i finished the orange shrug last night and some new yarn came today....blended blues and purples....chenille....oh my what to knit next?.....