Saturday, April 26, 2008


Have you ever done something that you know you probably shouldn't have, but done it anyway? I'm sure you have. I planted an avacodo seed. I hav a baby avocado tree. It was near my front porch because it looked really pretty in my small flower patch. I hypothetically asked hubby just how big the get? He said "big enough probably I wouldn't want one in the yard. I got paraniod that these massive avacodoes would come pounding down on the house to elimitate anyone else buying the place after I get sick of it. I transplanted it near the big garden (closer to my neighbours yard:D) In a small planter. I think though that I should get a big planter for it instead so I can move it at lesuire when it gets really big.
Also in the realm of things I shouldn't have but did any ways I moved my 30 inch tv( not flatscreen), have been doing squats to combat cornish hens on bamboo skewer bathing suit issues and the final clencher carrying a 70 pound young'n through the house all in three days and pulled something in my ass. Then to make matters worse I had to go grocery shopping unles I sent PG who would end up buying nothing but doritoes and chicken noodle soup. Ah yes the pain. And with the new meds he's on he was like sleeping in the same bed with a giant sweaty legion of octopi.At one point I was sorely tempted to sleep out on the porch with the salamanders.
Why did I move the Tv to set of this chain of pain? I went shopping:

You can't see it well under all the stuff, but I got a new tv centre, Which is FAR better then the crap we had up since 6 years ago when we moved in AKA: two plastic shelves and a tv caddy. eww. those shelves were bowing BADLY. And yes, In case you're wondering, that big red row under the TV is the intire Friday The 13th seires.

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sally said...

cool stuff.....would look excellent with the plum or the red paint too....:)