Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cuddly cuties

My doggo Loves kitties. Last night Puss was moving the kittens to a new area, And was COMPLETELY freaking out. She moved them into the living room with us and snuggled them up on the couch. But she was Still Panting loudly, and terribly nervous. Champ decided this was the best way to calm her down... It did. He crashed out too for a little while of inhaling kitten smell.
We moved them into our bathroom after we went to bed. PG was worried they might fall off the couch or into the crack and suffocate. She likes it back there and it's closer to the Cat potty.
We've been taking them all out into the living room today to help Puss keep from panicking again. She doesn't like being alone.
She also helped me finish half my poncho

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